Making Money With Music- No ‘Big Break’ Needed!

Making Money With Music- No 'Big Break' Needed!

It can be frustrating as a creative- despite having passion and skill it can feel like you’ll never make it big with your talent unless you get a lucky break. However, whether you’re a novelist, artist, photographer, poet or something else entirely – thanks to the internet there are more opportunities opening up which can allow you to make cash. You don’t necessarily have to become the next bestselling author for example to make money from your writing- you could publish an e-book, start a blog or write articles as a freelancer. You don’t have to become the next biggest rock or pop star to make money from your music if you’re a musician. This post will explain some of the things you can do instead.


Play in a Band

If you play a musical instrument or you’re a singer, why not join a band? Check places like Facebook and classified ads as bands are often seeking members and if you’re any good you could play live at venues. Pubs, festivals and other events are always in need of live music, you could end up with a regular gig that earns you some good cash. Even if you’re never spotted and go on to record music that ends up in the charts, you’re sure to earn yourself plenty of fans along the way and it’s a good chance you share your talent with others. Plus it’s a fun way to gain some extra income as a musician.


Create a Track

Whether you are in a band or you like to make music using software, you could create a track and sell it on places like Amazon, Spotify and other digital websites. You get to keep all of your earnings from these kinds of places, and once the track is made you will earn passive income from it as you’re paid every time someone downloads. If you create enough good tracks it could earn you anything from a bit of extra pocket money to a decent income. If your song is picked up by a filmmaker, advertiser or someone else it could end up on tv or in a movie and you will make even more money from it. In the beginning you could start out by creating royalty free music for Youtubers and other creators to use, this is a good way to get your name out there and generate interest around you. Once you have a following you could start charging, just be sure you are not overcharging and putting people off.


Hire Out Music Equipment

There’s a lot of money to be made in the hiring of equipment. It could be instruments as well as things like speakers and decks for djs. Once you’ve made the initial investment of the equipment you’re good to go, even if you’re not directly involved in the music your business is still based on your passion. Because these kinds of items can be very expensive you’ll need to make sure you have insurance, as well as be able verify that customers are who they say they are so nothing is stolen. There are programs which allow you to capture and verify customer documents with ease which would be useful in this kind of business. You could even expand to hire out full dj sets including music, smoke machines, lights and more.


Become a Tutor

Having a skill is one thing, but being able to pass this on to someone else is even better. Becoming a music tutor allows you to do this while earning some good money in the process. Set yourself up a website and advertise locally and you could either go to students houses or they could come to you. Both adults and children alike are keen to learn instruments so you shouldn’t be short on customers. You don’t need any official qualifications to become a private music tutor but of course you should have a good understanding of the instrument and be a people person to make the lessons fun and engaging.


There are lots of fun ways to earn money as a musician, even if you’re not selling out tours around the world and living it up as an A list celebrity (although who knows, you still could get your big break!)


Are you a musician looking for ways to either set up a business in your passion or just earn some extra money on the side? Which direction would you be most likely to go in with it?


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