Why Traveling More Should Be Your Number 1 New Year’s Resolution

We’re nearly there. In just a couple of weeks’ time, we’ll have reached that time of year again when we make the obligatory resolutions and lay out our best intentions for 2018. There’s nothing wrong with New Year’s resolutions, but do you really want to follow the crowds and vow to eat your greens and join the gym? This year, why not set a goal you’ll actually enjoy trying to reach and aim to travel more? If you haven’t seen as much of the world as you’d like to, or you tend to go back to the same places over and over again, here are some of the best reasons why globetrotting should be number 1 on your list of resolutions.

Why Traveling More Should Be Your Number 1 New Year's Resolution

Broadening your horizons

You may not wish to embark on a voyage of self-discovery every time you go away, but there’s no doubt that travelling can teach you a lot about the world, about life, and about you as a person. You don’t have to be marooned on a desert island and hone your survival skills to discover more about your personality or your inner strength. You don’t have to move abroad to learn a new language or immerse yourself in a different culture. It’s possible to learn something new everywhere you go. If you’re used to going to the same places, or you always book the same kind of trip, why not use your next break as a means of doing something different and broadening your horizons? Swap the beach for a national park or the pool for the jungle. Visit temples, castles and museums and take time to meet the locals, learn about the traditions and enjoy the experiences that are on offer. Don’t be afraid to give new things a try. The more willing you are to experiment, the more you stand to gain from every place you visit.


Why Traveling More Should Be Your Number 1 New Year's Resolution

Seeing the world in all its glory

The world we live in is a vast place. Even if you’ve been lucky to travel extensively, it’s highly likely that there are still many places on your bucket list. When you go about your daily business, and you spend most of your time in the same office with the same people working to the same routine, it can be easy to forget that there’s a whole wide world out there. We also tend to assume that it’s difficult to access places that aren’t firmly on the beaten track. The truth is that thanks to advances in technology and the bravery of intrepid explorers in times gone by, the vast majority of the planet is ripe for exploration. If you closed your eyes and put a pin in a map, there’s a good chance that you could travel to that spot if you wanted to. It may be a matter of checking out private jet charter prices, but there are very few places that are totally off the radar. Of course, some places are much easier and cheaper to reach than others, but it’s worth opening your mind to destinations that may not be on the front of the guidebooks all the time. There are some truly stunning sights out there and the more you travel, the more of this wonderful planet you’ll get to see and enjoy.


Why Traveling More Should Be Your Number 1 New Year's Resolution

Gaining a sense of perspective

For many of us, travel provides a reprieve or an escape route. If you’ve been working hard, you’ve had a tough time of late, or you feel exhausted, getting on a plane can provide instant relief. When you travel, you have time to think, and your adventures can also give you a sense of perspective. From a distance, those problems that have been troubling you may not seem insurmountable, and you may return home with more energy, but also with a renewed sense of self-belief and some clearer ideas about what you want to do or how you want to live your life.


Why Traveling More Should Be Your Number 1 New Year's Resolution

Paying attention to your mental health

Many of us start a brand new year with every intention to be more active and improve our diet. This is a brilliant thing to do because your health is incredibly important, but being healthy doesn’t just relate to having a normal weight, going for a jog every day and reaching your vitamin intake goals. Mental health is often overlooked. You shouldn’t have to suffer from a mental health disorder to pay attention to what’s going on in your mind. Even if you’re really content, there are steps you can take to try and improve the chances of staying this way. Travelling is something many of us find enjoyable, and it can really lift our moods. We tend to look forward to taking trips, and if you’ve been having a difficult time, a break could be just the tonic. Research also suggests that spending time in the open air can help to reduce stress and anxiety. If you’re used to working full-time, you have kids running around the house, or you’ve been having a hard time with family members or a partner, taking time out to breathe and relax is bound to do you a world of good. When you’re perched on top of a mountain range, you’re sat by a lake, or you’re on a beach with nothing but palms and ocean waves for company, you can focus on you. Travel can also open us to incredible experiences, which enable us to express our emotions and just have fun.


Why Traveling More Should Be Your Number 1 New Year's Resolution

Are you thinking about making some New Year’s resolutions? If so, there’s nothing wrong with going for the cliched goals, but how about setting yourself a target that is guaranteed to make you happy in 2018? Travelling has so many benefits. It offers us a chance to learn more about the planet, other people and of course, ourselves. It also affords us the chance to see incredible sights with our own eyes instead of through an Instagram account, and it brings us opportunities to meet new people, take time out and gain a sense of perspective. It can lift our spirits, combat stress and provide us with inspiration. If you’re short on ideas for resolutions, why not make it your mission to see more of the world in the months ahead?

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