Home Delivery Meal Plans For Grown-Ups

For many consumers, the words “meal plan” bring to mind a college dorm or high school cafeteria, where regular access to a limited range of not particularly healthy meals, served up in a bland and corporate space, came at heavily inflated prices. But as Ontarians struggle to balance their desire to eat well with the increasingly hectic schedules that modern life demands, many are turning to innovative options like monthly meat delivery and fresh produce boxes to create meal plans tailored to their particular needs.

What Are Home Delivery Meal Plans?

Home delivery meal plans are slowly building momentum as an alternative to traditional ways of shopping for and consuming food. Instead of making weekly trips to a supermarket to purchase groceries, a growing number of Canadians are turning to online ordering and home delivery services which allow them to select and pay for a set amount of food which will then be delivered to them on a regular basis. Services such as truLOCAL, which you can learn about by visiting https://trulocal.ca specialize in sustainable meat delivery, allowing consumers to set up a regular meal plan that includes local meat that is delivered straight to their home, apartment, or place of work.

Home Delivery Meal Plans For Grown-Ups

Meal Plans Help You Watch What You Eat

We all know what it’s like during those optimistic first days of a diet. You’ve set your goals, you know your targets, and you’re feeling good about your progress. But then things get busy; you find yourself rushing from work to home and then back out again, and the evening you thought you’d spend picking up groceries gets completely upended when you have to stay late at work. You don’t have time to go all the way to the supermarket, and the temptation to pick up a quick slice of pizza instead is overwhelming. Before you know it, you’re back on the scale and back where you started.

Making a schedule of what you will eat ahead of time and sticking to it is essential to the success of any diet, and as a recent article on webmd.com pointed out, planning your meals for the day is key to maintaining this discipline. But this can be hard to do, especially for urban Canadians who pass dozens of unhealthy fast food alternatives on their way home from work. By turning to services that facilitate things like farm fresh meat delivered to your door, it is easier for consumers to resist a quick fix that will scuttle their diet.

Meal Plans Reduce Food Waste

While home food delivery meal plans allow buyers to select the food they want and have it brought to them on a schedule that works for them, they are also part of the important and ongoing battle against food waste. Food waste is one of the great, underappreciated problems of the twenty-first century. According to a story by the CBC, $31 billion worth of food gets dumped in landfills or composters every year. Not only does this reveal a shocking financial liability carried by Canadian food producers and families, it is also an environmental disaster. A meal plan can easily be adjusted if an individual or family realizes they are ordering more than they need.

As technology grows more sophisticated, it is inevitable that shopping habits will change, and it shouldn’t be surprising that as customers grow more conscious of their own health and the health of the planet, they turn to innovative solutions that give them greater control over their choices and lifestyle. Who knows, maybe in 10 years the words “meal plan” will have a whole different ring!

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