Women’s Belly Fat Buster Plan Guaranteed to Work

Losing belly fat takes time and consistent effort, but you can do it with the right program. The important thing here is not to get a short-time flat belly that’ll fill out as soon as you start eating like a normal human being. If you want the results to stick, the changes to your diet and exercise routine must become permanent. This belly fat buster plan for women alters your lifestyle only in small ways. But the results it offers are truly impressive.

Women’s Belly Fat Buster Plan Guaranteed to Work

Diet + Exercise = Ultimate Belly Fat Buster Plan

While The Guardian says that the efficiency of fitness for weight loss is minimal, obtaining a flat belly is different. To have a beautifully toned flat stomach (not a 6-pack mind you), you’ll have to do regular exercises that will tighten the muscles in this particular area.

In the meantime, a specialized diet plan will help you lose belly fat. And sticking to an adjusted, well-balanced version of it will prevent you from getting that nasty puffiness back. Do note that humans aren’t flat-bellied creatures by default. This part of our bodies is soft, so to keep your muscles taut, lean, and well-defined, you’ll have to perform specific exercises regularly.


An effective diet for losing belly fat must have few calories and a reasonable amount of healthy (monounsaturated) fats. At the early stages of the diet, when you have lots of fat cells to burn off, you might take a more ‘aggressive’ approach. This means cutting the calories severely (1200-1500) and eating at least three servings of foods that provide those important fatty acids. These foods are nuts and avocados, almonds, walnuts, and macadamia nuts are especially effective for belly fat busting.

The problem here is that nuts are high in calories, so they will basically make up the bulk of your daily meals. This isn’t a viable diet long-term, so don’t stick to this plan for more than a week at a time.

For at least three weeks after that, stick to a well-balanced meal plan that looks something like this:

  • Breakfast.
    Omelet with veggies/spinach and salmon salad/oatmeal with fruits.
  • Snack #1.
    Apple and banana/cucumber with turkey slices (100g)/handful of nuts/a hard-boiled egg/chicken slices (100g) with tomato.
  • Lunch.
    Fresh veggie salad with whole grains and proteins (lean meat, fish, prawns, etc. 150g).
  • Snack #2.
    Turkey or chicken slices (100g) with avocado/cucumber/bell pepper/steamed broccoli/almonds.
  • Dinner.
    Lean meat (100-150g) and vegetable stir-fry/salmon steak with beans/steamed broccoli with grilled chicken breast.

You can use a variety of meal planner apps to calculate your calories and choose suitable recipes. To boost the fat burning results, you should consider taking weight loss pills for women. But choose the kind that speeds up metabolism.

Also, exclude sodas and any carbonated drinks, severely cut down on alcohol, and drop salt and processed junk foods completely. These steps are essential for any healthy diet, but especially so for a belly fat buster.


The best workout for losing belly fat fast is any regular cardio-interval training plan you like with an extra dose of crunches. There are many types of crunches for any level of physical fitness. Depending on your current level, you can start slow with 10 regular crunches a session and progress from there.

Exercise three days in a row varying your cardio routines from aerobics to dancing to jogging to swimming. Choose what works best for you. But don’t forget to apply the interval training principles, which means 1-2 minutes of very active exercising and 30 seconds of rest. Take a 1 day of complete rest before another 3-day cycle. You can have a 30-minute yin yoga session for deep muscle relief on your rest day.

Once you get to your desired flat belly, you can cut down on cardio intensity. However, crunches should remain a part of your regular routine.

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