Moving up: 4 Tips for Moving out of Your Starter Home

Moving out of a starter home is something that most people will have to do sometime during their young adulthood. Buying a larger house, whether just for the added space or to start a family, is a major step in life. That being the case, it’s important that you handle the transition as smoothly as possible. Here are four tips that will make the move into a larger home much easier.

Moving up: 4 Tips for Moving out of Your Starter Home

Plan out Your Space

One of the things that you’ll find most different once you move away from your starter home is the larger space you have to work with. Since you’ll have more room to spread out in, you may want to dedicate more space to certain things, such as storage or recreational areas. Try to plan out where you’re going to put things before moving your belongings into your new home, as this will make the process of setting yourself up in it faster and easier.

Consider Renting out Your Starter Home

Most people end up selling their starter homes when they move into larger ones. Though this may be necessary to finance your new home, you should also consider keeping your starter home and turning it into a rental if you are able to. Owning a rental property is a great way to generate some extra income while retaining the equity value of your original house. This step won’t make sense for everyone, but it’s at least worth looking into. It will also save you the hassle of selling your starter home.

Find a Professional Moving Service

One thing you should do to make the physical process of moving easier is to hire a professional moving service like Bekins Van Lines Inc. or someone similar. Though you could probably move all of your belongings yourself, it will be easier and faster with a moving service. Hiring one will also save you the expense of renting a moving truck. Best of all, movers can help you transport delicate objects carefully in order to ensure that they reach your new home without damage.

Take a Few Days off

Although this won’t be possible for everyone, you should try to take at least two or three days off of work while you set up your new household. Dedicate this time specifically to getting unpacked and putting everything in its place. If you don’t, you could easily fall into the trap of having boxes sitting around your new home for weeks or even months after you’ve completed your move.

These are just a few of the things you can do to simplify the process of moving out of your starter home and into something larger. By implementing some or all of them, you’ll be able to streamline the moving process and avoid the many headaches that a major move can cause.

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