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Yes, You Really Do Have To Ready Your Body For Pregnancy!

Despite all the stories you hear about teen pregnancy, it isn’t nearly as easy to become pregnant for some people as they make you believe. In fact, it can be incredibly difficult for some. As you get older, the chances of conceiving naturally drop. And the pregnancy itself can be much harder on the body over the age of 35 too. Still, it is rarely impossible, and there are a few things you can try to help your body prepare for conception:


Weight It Out

Some doctors push the weight issue pretty hard. It is considered to be easier to conceive and less pressure on the body to carry a pregnancy if your weight is in the normal range. That doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant if your own BMI is either side of that elusive figure. Still, it’s not much fun being pregnant if you’re aching with the extra weight gain that is inevitable through those nine months. Starting at the right weight is also thought to reduce the risk of problems for your unborn child too.

Yes, You Really Do Have To Ready Your Body For Pregnancy!

Healthy weight doesn’t guarantee pregnancy success but it might help. 


Fit And Strong

Pregnancy is tough for anyone at any age. It’s incredibly tiring, and it’s challenging to carry extra weight around that isn’t distributed evenly! Of course, the biggest challenge is getting through the labor. If you’re fit and strong before and during your pregnancy, it can definitely help with maintaining your stamina to get through those tough few hours. It is also thought to help with regaining your figure after you’ve had the baby.


Making It Happen

Getting pregnant isn’t always easy, but there are a few ways you can help your chances. The best days to conceive are often around days 11 to 14, but this can vary from woman to woman. Regular ovulation testing from a home kit can help you find that ‘magic’ moment. Both you and your partner should reduce stress and eat as healthily as possible all the time you’re trying to conceive. Don’t forget to add a folic acid supplement to your daily intake to prevent potential problems with the fetus.

Yes, You Really Do Have To Ready Your Body For Pregnancy!

Trying lots? It might be time to ask for some help. 


Many couples that have been trying without success for a long time need a little help from fertility experts. The type of help on offer will vary from couple to couple. Check out websites like to get more details about the types of treatment that might help you conceive. This often involves lots of tests, and sometimes hormone therapy and IVF might be required. You have to be pretty determined to have a baby to go through some of the procedures that might be required.

Yes, You Really Do Have To Ready Your Body For Pregnancy!

It’s not easy getting pregnant for some. 


There can be a lot of pressure in a lot of cultures to marry and have children. These days, relationships rarely live up to some of these traditions. But infertility and difficulty conceiving are nothing to do with your relationship status, and rarely either of the couple’s fault. Of course, being able to relax about your situation can help, so take the pressure off each other, and enjoy some time out.


More and more people achieve successful pregnancies and births with a little help from science. If you’re struggling to start your family, don’t lose hope. Take care of both of you and see if fertility treatment can help.

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