5 Hidden Gems of Rio de Janeiro or Why You Need a Local Guide


In January 2017, The Rio Times announced that the foreign tourism in the country in 2016 has grown by 4.8% compared to 2015. The numbers have grown further in 2017 and majority of people come to explore Rio de Janeiro, the most magnificent of all Brazilian cities. They have dozens of reasons, as the sights like Sugarloaf Mountain or Theatro Municipal, have become the stuff of legend due to their beauty. However, there is so much more to this city that tourists usually don’t get to see. If you want to have a truly memorable trip, you should step off the beaten path and get some local help in discovering the hidden gems of Rio.

Secret Sights of Rio de Janeiro Most Tourists Never See

5 Hidden Gems of Rio de Janeiro or Why You Need a Local Guide

  1. Largo do Boticario

The Apothecary’s Square, or Largo do Boticario, is abandoned now. However, the lack of people only adds to the mystical attraction of this hidden place. Located in the Cosme Velho neighborhood, this square a variety of exquisite neo-colonial buildings.

If you are a lover of intricate architecture, you definitely should go up here to enjoy the beauty of the place. This might be a melancholic experience as you’ll also see all this glory slowly crumbling. On the other hand, it’s a magnificent example of the power of nature. The surrounding forests slowly reclaim the land, taking over the buildings made by men.

5 Hidden Gems of Rio de Janeiro or Why You Need a Local Guide

  1. Arco de Teles

Arco de Teles is one of the best hidden gems of Rio de Janeiro. This archway isn’t a particularly outstanding architectural masterpiece. In fact, you are most likely to overlook it completely if you happen to walk by. However, it leads you to a cobbled Travessa do Comercio, a street filled with cheap but amazing bars and restaurants. There is no better place in Rio to enjoy authentic local food. The best this is these establishments are very budget-friendly. This hidden gem is well-loved (and protected) by the locals. Free walking tours in Rio de Janeiro often take tourists there. If this sight isn’t included in the tour, you’ll be able to ask the guide how to get to this incredible place.

5 Hidden Gems of Rio de Janeiro or Why You Need a Local Guide

  1. The Maze

Lovers of jazz should look for the most amazing of Rio’s bars, well hidden from all but the most dedicated tourists. The Maze is a jazz bar as well as bed & breakfast, which you are sure to appreciate as leaving the place won’t be an option. Among ‘those in the know’, The Maze is considered to be the best jazz venue on the continent and one of the best in the world. It’s well hidden in the favela (slums) but the place itself is pure luxury. It features a permanent art exhibit and offers a spectacular view of the Guanabara Bay and Sugarloaf Mountain.

5 Hidden Gems of Rio de Janeiro or Why You Need a Local Guide

  1. Prainha Beach

The beaches of Brazil are its main tourist attraction and are usually full of people. Prainha, however, is one of the hidden gems of Rio de Janeiro that the majority of visitors never discover. It feels outright deserted compared to Copacabana, which is definitely the best thing about this beach. Here you can enjoy the ocean and witness the beauty of nature in all its glory. It’s also a paradise for surfers.

5 Hidden Gems of Rio de Janeiro or Why You Need a Local Guide

  1. Gavea Tourist Hotel

Another one of the abandoned and hidden gems of Rio de Janeiro, Gavea Tourist Hotel is as spectacular as it is morose. Visiting this place is sure to give you a different experience of Rio as one can’t fail to be stunned at the huge abandoned construction. After getting a glimpse of Rio’s grand hotels, you can imagine what Gavea could have been like most vividly. Yet, now it’s nothing but ruins that are a perfect illustration of how fleeting our lives can be.

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