Building A Brand Without Pro Help: Can It Be Done?

 Building A Brand Without Pro Help: Can It Be Done?

You might be thinking about building your own business or even just establishing yourself as a freelancer. This is perhaps a far more attractive option compared with actually working for a company and having a boss breathing down your neck constantly.


There are a lot of things you need to do and boxes you have to tick off to make sure that you can build a successful personal or business brand online and we’re not going to get into them all here. Instead, we’re going to focus on one key area of your business model. We’re going to look at marketing. Marketing is always going to be the driving force that determines whether or not customers and clients take notice and choose to buy from you. It is through marketing that you can make sure your level of profits continue to rise at a steady rate and that your business is a brilliant success on the market.


One of the questions you’ll be thinking about is whether or not you can run marketing and promotion yourself. Or, would you be better off using a professional?


Obviously, the benefits of running your own marketing campaign speak for themselves. You will be able to cut the costs of running your business or freelancing dramatically and this, in turn, will lead to a greater profits.


To decide whether you can run your own marketing campaign, you need to answer a few questions?


Do You Know Everything There Is To Know About SEO?

 Building A Brand Without Pro Help: Can It Be Done?

Be careful when you answer this question because a lot of people oversimplify SEO. SEO – that’s links and keywords right? Actually these days, SEO refers to virtually every area of a marketing campaign and you need to under the ins and outs of it because it is essentially the bread and butter of any form of online marketing promotional strategy. A great SEO campaign will have everything connected together and tie different areas of your business brand together such as your social media networks and your website.


As well as this, you do need to be aware of how SEO can go wrong. For instance, you might decide to focus on adding keywords to your business website. This will work in the short term, but eventually, you will find that Google takes notice and discovers that you are keyword stuffing. At this point, your search ranking for the site will drop through the floor, and you will quickly find yourself running a business that isn’t even ranking on the SERPs.

That’s just one of the issues that can go wrong when you don’t know what you’re doing with SEO. On the other hand, perhaps you do. Perhaps you have qualifications and training in using SEO. If that’s the case, then you’re in a better position than most DIY marketers, but you’re still not completely in the clear.


How Big Do You Want To Be?

Toasting Taking Your Business To The Next Step!

You can probably build your own brand and gain customer interest if you’re hoping to use your ecommerce business to sell to a few hundred customers. But a few thousand, a few million? This is a pipe dream, and the reason is simple. You’re going to be competing with business owners that have a far stronger revenue stream than you do. As such, they will be able to afford bigger brighter campaigns to seize customer interest. Worse still, they will be able to afford to sell their products and services at a far lower price than you and still make a profit.


As such, you do need to find a way to level the playing field, and the answer is PPC. Through PPC advertising, you can bid on keywords and phrases to make sure that your product or your site appears on the searches of certain customers. Since everyone is bidding on the same keywords, it’s a lot easier to gain the upper hand. Particularly, if you go after more unique keywords and phrases that are less competitive.


While you can handle a PPC campaign yourself you will be paying either way so if you’re not confident in your skills and knowledge, then it’s probably worth using a professional service. They’ll bid for you and make sure that your PPC marketing campaign is on the right track.


The Upper Hand

 Building A Brand Without Pro Help: Can It Be Done?

The example above highlights an important fact. While it is technically possible to run certain areas of advertising yourself, you will almost always gain an advantage from using a professional service. That advantage could be the difference between one hundred new customers and one thousand.


We can look at the example of infographics to further show this. Infographics are a great form of content marketing. You can provide key information that will make customers want to buy in a form that is easy for them to read. In just a few seconds, a great infographic will provide customers with enough information to make them check out your business or services.

However, designing a great infographic is not easy. It takes a certain level of skill which is why the best designers can charge thousands for design and distribution services. You can try and complete one yourself or piggyback off another company, but in the world of marketing, you do get what you pay for. In other words, a DIY infographic probably will never have the same impact on customer interest.


So, Can You Build Your Own Brand

 Building A Brand Without Pro Help: Can It Be Done?

The bottom line is that if you can build up your own brand if certain things are true. You need to be conservative about the number of customers you expect to get, and you do need a full understanding of online marketing. But even then, you might still be better off taking a risk and spending more. The effects of your campaign will be greater, and you will have a great chance of getting the money you put in straight back.


As such, you should always consider using the services of professional marketers and go against your instincts to save money in any way you can.

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