How Not to Let Erectile Dysfunction Ruin Your Relationship


Not talking is one of the main relationship killers, so say the PsychCentral and common sense. Not talking about erectile dysfunction (or any other sexual issues for that matter) is a sure way to bust your chance to a happily-ever-after. Over 100 million men globally suffer from this problem and millions more are undiagnosed or have milder variations of this disorder. This means the chances are your partner either has or might experience some issues in this department. And you can overcome those as a couple and save the precious connection you have, as well as enjoy a highly satisfying sexual life.

Discussing the matter is key in these cases.

How Not to Let Erectile Dysfunction Ruin Your Relationship

5 Tips for Talking about Erectile Dysfunction with Your Partner

  1. Do your research first

It’s imperative to understand what erectile dysfunction is and how it affects your lover. You’ll need this information to discuss the issues the condition causes as well as the options you have. Note that you need to go further than the Wikipedia article on erectile dysfunction. Be sure to look up most recent research as well as alternative methods of treatment and prevention.

With millions of people suffering from the condition, studies into it are active all over the world and new medicines are developed regularly. Don’t forget that prevention is always easier than treatment. Therefore, taking natural supplements for enhancing male vitality and virility, like Erexa-tropin with maca powder, can be a wise choice. This is why it’s important to discuss this matter as soon as you notice the first signs of issues that can turn devastating over time.

  1. Do not pass the blame around

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition and even experienced doctors are hard pressed to determine its exact origins. Yet, many men blame themselves and this crippling sense of guilt leads to enormous amounts of stress. This, in turn, affects the efficiency of treatment as stress is one of the main aggravating factors in the condition.

You must understand that no one is a fault here and do your best to explain that to your partner. Be supportive instead of accusative and focus on finding treatments instead of someone to blame.

  1. Seek counseling if you hesitate

Talking to your intimate partner about any type of sexual issue is very difficult, especially if you have no experience in this. However, ignoring the issue will only blow up in your face. Couple’s counseling in the best option in this case.

Note that 75% of married couples believe that counseling helped them. 65% of people state that they experienced ‘significant’ improvement in their relationship. The sooner you start these ‘guided discussions’ with the help of a professional, the better. You can even visit a counselor yourself to help you come up with a way to breach this offer to your partner.

  1. Keep your intimate relationship strong

Erectile dysfunction isn’t the end of your sex life and it’s your duty to help your partner see this. Men suffering from the condition often resort to self-imposed isolation and shy away from touch. You shouldn’t allow this to happen, so be sure to keep your intimate relationship at the same level as before the diagnosis.

This means not only pursuing varied sexual techniques in bed, but also casual touching. Let your partner feel that your affection hasn’t diminished over this and cuddle at every given opportunity.

  1. Expand your sex life

Erectile dysfunction changes your sex life, there isn’t a way around that. However, you can overcome this by getting more creative and adventurous in bed. There are plenty of sources that offer suggestions of sexual activities that go far beyond traditional. Expanding your ‘collection’ is also going to be a positive relationship booster.

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