The Broad Canvas: The Facts In Choosing A Creative Career

 The Broad Canvas: The Facts In Choosing A Creative Career

We all have dreams about the easy life, and lots of people equate this with being a creative. The general view of the creative type, whether it’s an artist, poet, and actor, and so forth, is that they get paid a lot for very little. But, if you are seriously considering building a creative career for yourself, without actually dipping your toes into the reality of the situation, there are some things that you need to know…


Competition Is Fierce

But it’s far fiercer than you could ever imagine. While we are all aware, to an extent, of the backstabbing involved, as time goes on, and more people are trying to break into an industry that has been overcrowded for many decades, you either have to develop a thick skin, or learn how to be ridiculously single-minded that you are willing to drop important things at short notice to go for that audition or to hit that deadline. This could mean potentially missing out on important moments in other people’s lives. These could be graduations, weddings, births, and so on. So, if you are happy to miss these life-changing moments, then read on…

 The Broad Canvas: The Facts In Choosing A Creative Career

You Need A Business Mind (In Addition To The Creative One…)

You need to think of yourself as a brand, and you need to learn how to sell yourself appropriately. This means developing formidable business acumen. There is a big debate between the creative mind and the business mind and if you possess only one or the other, but the truth is that they both work together very well. And besides, you’ve seen people who you feel have no talent, what has got them there in the first place? Arguably, they have a lot of knowledge and how to best present themselves. This is something that many creatives tend to lack in those first few important years. Whether you need to find your voice or learn how to tackle the craft you want to specialize in, it all requires working smart, which lends itself well to any person in business. Whether it’s utilizing camera crews to do a taster tape of your work, going to the right networking events, or being seen on the right courses, there is a way to help you build that important network of potential colleagues, and so you build up work for yourself. It’s all about the image you present.


Practice, Practice, Practice!

As any creative will tell you, that you have to be ready to go when your opportunity comes knocking. This means that you need to stay in rude health with regards to your own skills. This means keeping that metaphorical pencil sharpened. Whether you are a writer that hasn’t had a commission in six months or an actor that hasn’t been on stage in a couple of years, you need to be ready to pounce on the job you are offered. Yes, in some respects, this means that you are never “off”, but that is the nature of being a creative. Jobs can be so few and far between, that we need to do other things to pay the bills, which means that your creativity can be sapped. So practice, develop, and learn new things in relation to your craft.


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