How To Host Easter Like A Grown Up

Hosting your first holiday is a big step in your life. It’s when you finally stop saying you’re “going home” for the holidays when you visit your parents. Easter is a great holiday to try out your hosting skills, too. Grandparents are more willing to drive as the weather improves and no one is hauling around dozens of boxes of Christmas gifts. The pressure to host a successful Easter dinner isn’t nearly as tough as Christmas. There’s no need to run around trying to please both your parents and your partner’s (and if already have a kid, you know everyone expects a visit) when you can invite everyone over to your own home.

How To Host Easter Like A Grown Up

Preparing your home for Easter means decorating and the first place to start is your dining room table. Easter is all about spring colors: serenity, green flash, lilac, and buttercup. You can check out Pantone’s list of spring colors for more inspiration, too. If you have children, painted Easter eggs are a must, but if not, there are a lot of tasteful centerpiece ideas you can use that look stylish and mature.

Floral arrangements are bound to impress and spring flowers are in abundance. You can make your own floral arrangements with a stunning variety of flowers. Go to your local flower store for azalea, cyclamen, hellebores, and succulents to create delicate floral arrangements in whites, pinks, lilacs, and jade greens. Branch arrangements with a touch of pink flowers are also stylish and modern. Flowers aren’t just visually appealing, they also bring rich spring scents into your home. Besides centerpieces, you can also get creative with hanging flowers in mason jars, using vases made out of wood or rustic metal buckets, and brightening up your home with the shocking yellows of forsythia. Make sure the flowers you use match your tablecloth and your dining room will look stunning.

Next comes the living room, where everyone will be socializing while you wait for that roast. If you don’t have seasonal home decor yet, Easter is a great excuse to go shopping and bring some spring colors into your home. Pillows and throws are an easy way to change up the color scheme in your living room, as you can change them out with the turning of the season. It only takes a light touch to add some seasonal charm to your living room.

A beautifully decorated living room and a dining room table set for the whole family means everyone will feel right at home. It’s your first time hosting a holiday with your family coming over. Make it one to remember by paying attention to every little detail. Your career is taking off and you’ve set down roots with your own family. Now show everyone just how far you’ve come by blowing them away with the perfect Easter dinner. Who knows? Your home might even become part of a new Easter tradition. Set out the welcome mats and bring some joy to your holiday with bright spring colors and new home decor.

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