A Lobster Breakfast Is A Terrific Way To Start The Day

This weekend you should think about upgrading your regular breakfast routine—replace your boring bowl of cereal or buttered toast with a delicious brunch. If you really want to enjoy a decadent experience, you can add fresh lobster to your favorite morning meals. To help you start your morning with lobster, here are some irresistible dishes to serve alongside your fizzing mimosa.

 A Lobster Breakfast Is A Terrific Way To Start The Day

The first thing that you should do when you’re planning a big brunch is to get the freshest ingredients, especially if you are cooking with lobster and other kinds of seafood. You don’t have to go to the local fish market or grocery store to see if they have anything available because the easiest way to order live lobster is online — with the simple click of a button you can have fresh lobster delivered to your front door. The website Lobster Anywhere offers speedy delivery of Maine lobster and seafood to almost any destination in the United States of America. You can order your lobster and seafood and have it all delivered to your home on the exact day that you plan on making brunch.

A Lobster Breakfast Is A Terrific Way To Start The Day

  1. Scrambled Eggs 

Sprinkling in some lobster claw meat is an ingenious way to make the simple plate of scrambled eggs special. This easy brunch dish can be served on its own or on top of slices of buttered toast and coated with cracked black pepper and chopped chives. For a more extravagant version of this recipe, you can make a lobster breakfast where you bake scrambled eggs inside of the shells — the lobsters are halved and broiled before the egg mixture is poured inside and coated with breadcrumbs.

  1. Breakfast Tacos 

If you like the idea of mixing scrambled eggs with pieces of delicious lobster meat, you will get excited about this brunch dish. You can easily whip up a dozen lobsterbreakfast tacos topped with soft scrambled eggs, avocado cream and cilantro—for extra flavor you can slice a lime and squeeze the juices over the meat before serving.

A Lobster Breakfast Is A Terrific Way To Start The Day

  1. Eggs Benedict

This dish is classically made of two English muffins layered with ham and poached eggs and then coated in creamy Hollandaise sauce. For a dramatic twist on this brunch classic, you can replace the traditional slice of ham with cooked lobster meat.

  1. Crepes

If your brunch ends up having a large guest-list, make a big batch of creamy lobster crepes— you can serve a whole table of hungry guests with these impressive treats. To make the seafood filling you will need cups of lobster meat and shrimp that have been de-shelled, cleaned and cooked. The important thing to remember when making these savory crepes is to be careful to not overcook the seafood because it will make these ingredients tough and rubbery.

You can start off your morning with a delicious feast filled with lobster versions of your favorite brunch dishes. These wonderful meals will make you wonder why people are excited about plates of bacon and sausages when fresh lobster is an option.

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