First Time Wearing Contacts? Top Tips for Proper Care

Switching from glasses to contacts can be so exciting. Not only do most people experience better vision with contact lenses, but the boost in self-confidence once you ditch your glasses is incredible. To make your experience with contact lenses the best, follow these helpful tips.

Learn How to Do It Right

Spending some time in the beginning learning about the putting in and taking out process will save you a ton of trouble later on. Typically, you’ll learn how to do this at your first contact lens fitting. You may even want to consider watching a few YouTube videos of other people successfully putting in their lenses can be really helpful. Do not be shy to ask a friend who wears contacts to let you watch them put on theirs. Watching someone do it firsthand can be the best way to learn.

Evaluate Your Experience

At least for the first few weeks, you will want to constantly be evaluating your contact lenses. Ask yourself how the lenses feel, how are your eyes looking, can you still see well? If you notice that the appearance of your eyes or your vision is getting worse, be sure to check back with your doctor. In the first few weeks of contact lens wear, many people experience dry eyes or eye irritation. To some degree this is normal, but if the discomfort last for a prolonged amount of time you should check back with your doctor.

Establish Good Habits

Getting contact lenses means establishing an entirely new set of habits for your life. You should never sleep in your contacts. According to the Cleveland Clinic, sleeping in your contacts can cause damage to your cornea as well as increase the risk of infection.

It is also good to make a habit of washing your hands thoroughly each time before you put in or take out your contacts. This will decrease the amount of bacteria being introduced into your eyes.

Sticking to a schedule will make it easier to make sure that you are not wearing your contacts for longer than recommended by your doctor. Drink lots of water to help ensure that your eyes are not dry and irritated. Dehydration can cause contact lens discomfort.

Pick a Product and Stick with It

Changing products often can cause irritation to your eyes, especially if you are new to contact lenses. Your doctor will likely recommend a cleaning solution that will best fit your needs. It is important to discuss any allergies that might affect the product you will use as well.

Within a few weeks, contact lenses will be second nature to you if you follow these helpful tips. It may take a week or two to adjust, but you can do it!

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