Holiday Hands: Experiences Crafted For You

Traveling abroad to different destinations across the world is something that almost every person wants to do. Whether it’s a far away sunlit landscape with beaches and exotic animals, or even barren lands with bitter cold and soaring eagles, your tastes will vary. All, however, are very valid for when you’re ready to explore at various points in your life. Most of the time, you’ll be planning out your holiday or travel plans way in advance. In fact, it might be something that you have always wanted to do and finally make time to seek what you’ve been looking for. So it could also be spontaneous. However, when you’ve saved up enough money working all your life, just traveling and getting the same package holidays isn’t satisfactory anymore. At this point, you will consciously make a decision to step up a level higher. This newfound class is where money isn’t so much of an issue, but luxury and high service are. There are many reasons why you should be after this kind of holiday. But the resounding intention is to have a unique experience that no one else has ever been through. This need has been growing for a long time in the consumer market. Consequently, there are multiple versions of such a demand.

 Holiday Hands: Experiences Crafted For You

Traveling planners

If you’re not quite one for planning each and every day of your holiday when going to a foreign wondrous country, a travel planner is here to help. Of course, there are many apps for smartphones that go by the same title, but there’s nothing quite like the real thing. A travel planner is a person who either works for the holiday company you’ve booked your hotel and flight with or perhaps someone who is working for a local guide company. These people know the cities, towns, villages and backroads like the back of their hand. You can request to them a specific itinerary which you would like to follow for however long you’re staying. They, in turn, will ask you questions to get a more accurate picture of what you’re after. This will go into pricing mostly because travel planners are very much for holidaymakers who have a budget but aren’t necessarily tightening the purse strings.   

 Holiday Hands: Experiences Crafted For You

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All things crafted

Coming in at the very top end of the luxury, style and truly crafted experiences are the bespoke holiday. This is for those who believe to them, that money is of no issue. Therefore you can expect some of the best dining in the most glamorous and expensive restaurants. You’ll be treated to world class spas and treatment clinics. You can also have some of the most exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping rides of your life in sports cars, skydiving and aeroplanes to boot. One of the finest examples of this kind of bespoke, spare no expense type of service is the Dubai based concierge company. Myconcierge has just about anything you could think of for creating a unique holiday. Simply tell the company what you like, and they will do their damndest to find and make available to you whatever your heart desires. So for example, if you would like a three-star Michelin seafood restaurant to dine at for the evening, simply ask, and you shall receive. The service will do all the searching for you, cater to your exact taste and mood, and then supply you with a herd of options. Finally, choose where you want to go, and you’ll be having fresh tuna or smoked salmon before you know it. This carries onto pretty much anything and everything you want. Simply request what you’re looking for, and all the organizational, timing and preferences will be taken care of.

 Holiday Hands: Experiences Crafted For You

Much more inventive than the average tour guide, Abbie illustrates his talks with photos of the area.

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Cheap and cheerful

The third option is to do whatever else the majority of the public do, which is to find a local tour guide. Usually, you’ll find a two-tier system with many tour guide services. One will be for groups, and the other more costly option is a personal tour guide. This is great for couples who want to be together and not surrounded by fellow holiday goers. It is the cheaper version but does have the central aim of providing you with a more personal experience of the land you’re exploring.


Wherever you look and shop for your kind of holiday, there are always holiday hands as options. They can help you to find places of interest that suit your personality. The cheap and cheerful option is much loved by the majority of people going on a budget holiday. On the other hand, those who have money to splash around, they can get their very own bespoke luxury service to fulfil their desires. Sitting in between is the travel planners who set out your itinerary for you but only after your requests that are somewhat specific.  

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