How to build a gym at home with right equipment

The human body is like a machine and just like any machine our bodies also needs proper maintenance. Proper maintenance is the key to a healthier body. Everyone knows exercising daily is beneficial for health and improves performance. However, the fact is, it is easier said than done. Moreover, it’s just not about going to the gym it’s about being regular. Which is very difficult with the busy lifestyles we lead. That is why we have listed some tips on how you can build a gym at home.

How to build a gym at home with right equipment

Different Types of equipment

In order to build a home gym, you first need to know about the types of equipment. Because once you will know about the different types of machines and weights. You will have the general idea of how your home gym is going to look like. We have divided the types of equipment into three different categories namely;

  • Cardio machine: Cardio is short for cardiovascular. Cardiovascular exercises are the exercises that work on the heart. These exercises increase the heart rate and burn calories because of it. Cardio exercises are very famous among the people who aim lose fat and body weight. Here are our top 5 Cardio machines;


2.Spin Bike


4.Recumbent Bike


  • Rack of weights and other equipment: Now the free weights are for those who want to work out for strength gains. Bulking up or Shredding down depends on the diet and the basic caloric deficit and surplus method. But serious strength gains happen when you lift heavy and push yourself. With that being said, Here’s our top 5 recommendation for free weights or equipment;



3.Barbells for curls and Heavy Lifts

4.Weight plates for the barbell

5.A classic bench

With these five types of equipment, you can hit every major and important muscle of the human body. You just need to lay out a workout plan. You can consult a trainer or download one for free from the internet.

  • Home gym machines: Home gym machines or multi gym machines are perfect for a small home gym. This machine can multiple body parts, In fact almost all major muscle groups. These machines have a good amount of weight to train with, but it varies from company to company. Here are our top 5 gym machine suggestions;

1.Life fitness G7 multi-gym

2.Marcy 150 lbs multifunctional home gym

3.Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE

4.Powerline BSG10x

5.Yukon Wolverine Multi Station

Benefits of building a gym at home

  • Privacy:  Unlike a public gym, Your privacy doesn’t get compromised in a home gym. The best part nobody judges you at a home gym. If you are overweight and does not like to be stared at whilst working out, then home gym will make you feel a lot comfortable.
  • Saves time: If you have a gym at home you can exercise anytime of the day. Moreover, you don’t have to get ready and walk or drive to your gym anymore. The best part you don’t have to wait for any equipment to be free when you want it.
  • Hygienic: let’s say you won’t have to clean the sweat off any equipment before you use it or at least it will be your sweat.

Things to remember whilst buying gym equipment for home

  • Budget: If you have good budget then investing in a home gym machine is recommended. Moreover, a cardio machine is a must. Whereas, if your budget doesn’t allow you to spend a lot then you can go old school and pump some iron.
  • Area: You will need a good amount of space to install your equipment and machines. So, the amount of space you donate to your home gym. Because some multi gym machines are huge. So, Before buying any equipment you should have a rough idea of where you are going to put it.
  • Body Goals: Keep your body goals in mind. If you just want to thin down then a cardio machine and some lightweight will work just fine. If you want to maintain your current muscle mass then you might want to go for home gym machines. But if you want to do compound movements and lift heavy then go for free weights.

You will have to think it through once. You can do a little mix and match and pick machines according to your body goals. Which also fits nicely in your home gym and are in your budget as well.

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