Don’t Lose Your Job When You’re Out Of Work

Over the last couple of decades, the job market has become a lot less secure than the one people used to navigate. In a world of zero-hour contracts, unstable finances, and dynamic businesses, it can be hard for an individual to make sure that they have the right kind of protection in case their work simply disappears. Of course, though, even when your work is gone, this doesn’t mean that you’ve lost your job or your career, and simply need to find a new avenue to go down.

Don’t Lose Your Job When You’re Out Of Work

Redundancy: When a business is running out of money and doesn’t have a bank to turn to, the easiest way to shave bills will be to remove some of the people working for them. Employees are very expensive, making removing them an easy way for a company to save some money, and this can have a big impact on your life. In most cases, you will be given your normal notice period for this sort of dismissal, and may even get a payment package to make life without work a little bit easier.


Being made redundant isn’t the end of the world. Often being chosen based on a random process, this doesn’t reflect the quality of work you will produce, and future employers won’t see it as a reason to disregard your application. Along with this, the nature of this sort of departure means that your old employer will be happy to give you a good reference. In this case, the best option you have is to look for something else, as this will give you the chance to get to work nice and quickly.


Injury: Of course, in some cases, people have to stay out of work for reasons which have nothing to do with your employer at all. An injury, like a broken leg, for example, can often see people out of work for a couple of months. It will be illegal for your bosses to boot your during this time, but this doesn’t mean that you will be paid anything. This can make it extremely difficult to get through your recovery time, with the stress of the situation often being too much for people.


Getting around this sort of issue can be done through a few different routes. As your first option, savings can be very helpful during times like these, and having some built up as a safety net will protect you from time out of work. Of course, though, it might be a too late for that, and your savings shouldn’t have to go to something which isn’t your fault. Suing for personal injury damages can often cover time out of work. This is a great way to cover time out of work when an injury wasn’t your fault, while also ensuring you have the funds for medical treatment.


Company Closure: Finally, as the last issue to consider, the field of modern business can be a cruel one, and a lot of companies have been shutting down over the last couple of years. When this happens to a business which you work for, it can be hard to know where to turn. Without a reference to use, it will be hard to get a new job, and a lot of people will have been working for the business for most of their career.


One of the best ways to get around something like this isn’t to simply look for a new role. Instead, as you won’t have a reference, it could be much easier to look into the idea of starting your own company to replace the one which has collapsed. If you play your cards right, this could see you being left to collect the old clients you used to work with, giving you some solid foundations. If you decide to do this, it would be worth getting some help from a business advisor. A lot of people under anticipate how hard it will be to do this sort of work for themselves, and will often need some help to get started.


This post should give you all of the inspiration you need when it comes to handling unwanted time out of work. Unlike a holiday, this sort of experience won’t be a relaxing one, and a lot of people find themselves struggling to avoid the stress when they’re out of a job. Of course, though, with the right action, this can be a simple thing to solve, and most people have what they need already.

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