Is Micro Cheating A Thing, And What Are The Signs?

Is Micro Cheating A Thing, And What Are The Signs?

Lately, a lot of girlfriends have been obsessed with micro cheating. For the uninitiated, it’s small, tiny gestures which put a relationship in doubt. So, texting another woman, or man, depending on your persuasion, is technically cheating even if there isn’t an affair. Micro cheating truly is a sign of the times, people! Everyone has their opinion, but the prevailing logic is that it does exist and that infidelities have repercussions.


Anyone in a dedicated relationship never wants to find any evidence of cheating. Still, if the signs are there, they need tackling head-on. Here are the things the experts constitute as MC.


Active Dating App

‘But I was only looking, babe. I’m just curious because I’ve never used a dating app before.’ Okay, curiosity is one thing, but matching and talking to single men or women is a betrayal of trust. The majority of dedicated people don’t believe in using dating applications, but it’s amazing how many are online. If you catch a partner asking the community ‘is vaping or smoking more attractive on Tinder?’ it’s time to talk. Just because they haven’t physically cheated yet isn’t a good excuse. The fact they are active and looking for someone with shared interests, such as vaping, suggests they intend to go all the way.


Protective Phone Behavior

Mobiles are personal devices and you should respect their privacy. However, as their partner, they shouldn’t act as if a bomb is going to go off when you are in its vicinity. As soon as they get overly protective, it’s not too crazy to expect they have something to hide. Otherwise, they wouldn’t find the idea of leaving their phone unguarded uncomfortable. Maybe they are organising a surprise, but you should be able to tell based on the time of year. Changing a passcode is another warning sign, especially if they know that you know the code.


Is Micro Cheating A Thing, And What Are The Signs?


Too much information is subtle but it happens quite a lot. Just imagine having a conversation and then your partner says something like ‘yeah, she’s got a new job.’ On the face of it, the information is pretty benign until you realise the person in question is an ex. Then, the waters get muddier. Why would they know that? Have they been speaking behind your back? Cutting off ties with an ex is pretty important for a new relationship to survive, so there’s no reason to talk to an ex-BF or GF. Watch out for unguarded comments.


‘You’re Imagining Things!’


Actually, you do not imagine anything. Still, a partner will use this form of psychology to make you question your instincts. No one wants to admit there is a problem, which is why it’s an effective technique. However, their denials are insights into their behaviour. For example, they are messaging someone on date night yet won’t admit the truth even though it’s obvious. Sending a text isn’t cheating, so why are they touchy? Sometimes, you may be imagining the worst, but let their reactions guide you.


What’s your stance on micro cheating, and do you think the signs are anything to worry about?

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