Give Your Garden The Luxurious Vibe

How much do you bother with your garden? People spend so much time worrying about the inside of their home, and they never seem to put any effort into something that could be made totally luxurious. The garden has so much unrealised potential, no matter how big or small it is. It might not be the most ideal time to go in it at the minute. The weather is cold, the ground is hard, and there’s nothing much you can do. But, in a few months time the sun will be shining, and it will be time to head outdoors. So now is the time to be thinking about how you can add that luxurious vibe to your garden. We’ve got a couple of ideas for you, so read on to find out more.

Give Your Garden The Luxurious Vibe


The features are the main thing that can make a garden truly luxurious. First we’re going to talk about something every hot country needs, a pool. But we aren’t just talking about your basic pool, you need to go all out with the design. A negative edge pool looks really smart for one. What is a negative edge pool? It is where the edges of the pool are inline with the water. This won’t mean around the pool is going to be soaking wet constantly though, there is a drainage system all around the edge to takeaway and excess water trying to get away. You’ve then got to think about  how you want it laid out. Whilst it is nice having a pool, you don’t want to go too over the top so that it’s covering most of your garden space. Even the smallest of pools can look nice, and all you need is for is a place to cool down when the weather gets a bit too hot. Adding a nice waterfall feature going into the pool would look lovely, and helps to make it that little more luxurious.

Stepping stones going around the garden also look really good. They help to separate the grass giving you a nice space to walk on, and you can go for different styles. Square or circle are the most common. These truly do look luxurious when they’re lay in between lush green grass. You can either have it leading up to something, such as the pool, or you could have it just to line the edge of the garden. Finally, why not think about having a second water feature outside of the pool. A nice trickling fountain, or a waterfall feature. Strategically place it near some nice green plants and it’ll create that lovely, luxurious, spa like effect.



Each garden can have a theme. It could be tropical themed, spa themed etc. We guarantee you won’t have thought of something like this, but it actually can transform the garden. If you’re going spa themed, you want to go as natural as possible. You will need a larger garden for this, but it’ll look amazing. A swimming pool carved out of stone, with a cave feature at the end that leads you out to a stone carved hot tub. All around the pool there needs to be tall standing jungle type trees to create that spa type effect. As long as everything is pretty much green plants, and stoned carved, you’re onto a winner. This is obviously not something everyone is going to be able to pull of due to space or finances. But for those of you who can, here’s a visual idea of what you can actually do to make it a spa themed garden.



Yes, you can have decor outside. We’re talking about the aesthetics of it all. How are you going to make it look in terms of the trees or plants that you put down? One thing we do know is you need to keep it varied. A nice array of colourful flavours lying at the bottom of a beautiful blossom tree would look lovely. You don’t want to overcrowd your garden with plants, but at the same time you don’t want to leave the area looking sparse. Leave everything evenly spread out, and fill it with a mixture of white, blue, and pink coloured plants. These just compliment each other so well. As for the grass, the greener and more trimmed it is, the better it is going to make your whole garden look. Use lawn fertilisers to make sure it is growing as green and as healthy as it possibly can. Keep it trimmed every two weeks so it doesn’t grow too long.

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