Keeping Looking Good In The Mom Years

Keeping Looking Good In The Mom Years

Life after twenty-five does tend to mean parenthood which is fine, except you might be worried about the impact that it has on your looks. It’s fair to say that being a parent and in particular, a mother, will take its toll on your appearance. Most people are vaguely aware that stress is one of the main causes of the signs of age like wrinkles, or indeed weight gain. Stress can have numerous impacts on your body and your skin rather than just affecting your mind. Parents are far more likely to be stressed because they are constantly and continuously worried about their little ones.


So, what’s the conclusion here then? When you become a mother, do you just need to accept your fate and in doing so kiss your youthful looks goodbye? Actually, there are a few easy ways to make sure that you still stay looking young even after you become a parent. You can be a yummy mommy if you take our advice today.


The Pregnancy Problem

Keeping Looking Good In The Mom Years

It is worth thinking about the issue with pregnancy. When you are pregnant, your body swells up like a balloon and lets not even mention what happens to your nether regions. You might have heard recently that it’s possible to keep your figure while you are pregnant by completing the right type of exercise. Should you do this? Is it beneficial for the baby? It might keep your body toned, but if it’s going to have a negative impact on your unborn child, you need to avoid it.


As it turns out, in the past people were worried about the effect that exercise would have during pregnancy on both the mom and the child. Indeed, mothers were often told to avoid exercise as much as possible and to essentially just stay on bedrest until the baby was born. You’ll notice this if you watch some of the older chick flicks, but we now know this isn’t the case. Modern research and studies show that exercise is actually good for the mom and the baby.


There are lots of myths and facts surrounding pregnancy workouts, and it is worth being aware of what these are and how they might affect a child. So, let’s get cracking by thinking about heart rate. Most people think that you should let your heart rate reach above a certain level if you are exercising when you are pregnant, but this isn’t true. In fact, these days experts rely on exertion compared to how you feel when you work out. In other words, you should only do as much as you can before you feel the strain.


What about abdominal workouts? Surely pushing for a flat stomach isn’t good for the baby right…? Wrong, studies have shown that working out that stomach can have positive effects and lead to a higher rate for successful pregnancies. This is perhaps the opposite of what you expected, and that’s why you needed to be aware of the real facts about exercising when pregnant.


The other benefit of this, of course, is that you don’t actually need to become unhealthy when you are pregnant as some people believe. You can still stay as fit as a fiddle.


What you do need to watch is your diet. You have to make sure that you are eating well when you’re pregnant. There is some debate about whether staying vegan when you are pregnant is good for the birth. However, as long as you still getting all the right nutrients and vitamins that your body needs, there’s no reason not to continue eating your typical diet. If you notice you are losing weight, you may have to increase the amounts your eating and perhaps speak to a nutritionist.


Post Pregnancy Workout

Keeping Looking Good In The Mom Years

After your pregnancy, you might struggle at first to get back in shape, particularly if you didn’t keep up an exercise routine and you didn’t stick to a healthy diet. You might also be worried about the type of exercises that you can complete safely after pregnancy. This is an important question, but again, it is possible to exercise in the first weeks after your pregnancy. If you want to stay fit and toned, this is what you need to do.


Typically speaking, six weeks is the absolutely earliest point after birth that you can return to your standard workout routine. There are various exercises that you can do at this point that will help whip your body back into the shape after going through the stress of labour like floor bridges. To complete this exercise, lie on your back with your knees bent and push your back off the floor. Continue you to do this for 1-3 sets of ten to twenty reps each. As well as this, make sure that you are holding the rep for at least three seconds at a time. This will work out your buttocks, and of course, there are various other types of exercise to work out different areas of your body.


For instance, a crunch beat is a simple enough exercise to complete after pregnancy. To do this, lie on the floor with your knees bent. Then, rise your legs and your arms straight out up into the air with your ankles crossed. Complete 8 reps, and you’ll work out your arms and legs. Once you get the hang of this exercise, hold the rep for a few seconds each time to see maximum results.


You will need to get your diet back on track after your pregnancy as well. Don’t forget, before you will have been eating for two so it’s important to get back to your typical amounts.


Keeping Your Sleep In Check

Keeping Looking Good In The Mom Years

If you want one of the most common causes of age, you need to look no further than poor sleeping patterns. When you’re young, you can get away with staying up all night and sleeping through the day or just sleeping a couple hours at night. As you get older, you’re going to need the full eight hours. This is a problem because once you become a parent, the right sleeping pattern can go out the window, particularly in the early years. You’ll need to make sure that you are doing everything possible to keep your sleep in check. You might even want to consider using organic sleeping pills to help make sure you snooze right through the night.


We know you probably don’t want to rely on meds, but since they are organic the pills we’re talking about will have no negative impacts on your health. In the early months and the first year, you will have to get up through the night which is understandable. It will be up to you to make sure that you catch up on your sleep at some point.


Don’t Lose Your Youth To Stress

Keeping Looking Good In The Mom Years

We’ve already mentioned that stress will play a major part in ageing you. This is true whether you have been a mom for a few months or over ten years. You’ll be struggling, worrying about their school performance, whether they are eating well or whether you or just being the best mom you can be. And sure enough, the lines will start to creep across your face, you’ll be bloated far more often than usual, and you will look older in general. Even issues like the turkey neck can be made worse due to stress. Of course, if you already think you have developed an issue like this, then you can look into the support of professionals like Dr Kasden, MD. Experts like this can provide you with the possible procedures that can help you reclaim your youth. This is something to think about, particular when you consider how much medicine and in particular plastic surgery has evolved over the years.


In the past, cosmetic procedures were always noticeable and apparent. These days they can look completely naturally and de-age you completely. So, when you do start to reach your late twenties, people will instead think that you are in your twenties. This is perhaps exactly what you want.


But what about the stress that’s the route of the problem? Well, there are various ways to deal with this. Once again, you shouldn’t rule out the benefits of exercise. Exercise can help you work away from the stress, clear the mind and potentially avoid the various physical side effects. Ideally, you want a form of exercise that won’t be incredibly strenuous which is why we recommend yoga.


You should also make sure that you  are practising mindfulness. Mindfulness is the simple act of calming the mind and essentially meditating. It has been shown to have numerous positive impacts on the body, including reducing the levels of stress that can have various physical impacts. Mindfulness is a tricky skill to master but sitting in a room in silence listening to your breathing for twenty minutes of your day is a good start.


We hope this helps you tackle the drain of the mom years head on and allows you to retain control of your youth.


Keeping Looking Good In The Mom Years

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