AdultProofing: How To Make Your Home Safe For Your Elders

There comes a time in life when you many be considering having your elderly parent move in with you. When faced with the often concerning realities and soaring costs of care homes, it’s not a surprise that many of us look at the option of creating a multi-generational family home instead. But this situation is not without it’s challenges. So how do you navigate these new waters and make sure that the experience is positive for both you, your partner and your parent?

AdultProofing: How To Make Your Home Safe For Your Elders

Get Decluttering

Moving another adult human into your home, complete with their possessions, means that space becomes a sensitive issue. Preempt the discussions by spending some time doing a thorough de-clutter before your parent arrives. Try not to look on this as a negative thing, but as the excuse you’ve been KonMari your space! Reducing unwanted possessions not only creates space that will help your parent to feel at home, but it also reduces the potential trip hazards – less stuff equals a clearer path for parents recovering in acl surgery recovery or with decreasing mobility. So a less cluttered environment is also a healthier one for seniors. You could even make a bit of cash on the side using second hand selling apps.


Include Your Kids

If you have children or teenagers of your own, address the impact having elderly grandparents move into the house might make. You’re asking them to be a lot more considerate, and that has the potential to lead to tension, if you don’t explain properly the reasons behind it. For example, instead of just telling them to keep the noise down, explain what it means to their relative to have a restful environment. Having direct access to older generations can be such a benefit to young people. They get a form of wisdom and parental guidance that is often less fraught than interactions with your directly. What routines could they get into together that both might enjoy? Think classic movie nights together or even cooking lessons. There’s a huge amount of benefit for both sides to getting to know each other better.


Book In Some ‘You Time’

As well as togetherness, recognise everyone’s need for alone time as well. Creating a balance will make sure it’s a happy home for all participants. So make sure that both you and your parent have activities scheduled independently outside of the home, whether that’s a senior yoga class for them and a gym session for you, or just time out for a daily walk. You’ll both feel the benefits and enjoy coming together again in the evening to talk about your days.


Including your parent as an active part of the household means allowing them a say in household decisions, including the meal plan. With a little consideration from both sides, and a will to make it work, you can discover the unique advantages of living together again as adults.

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