What Are the Significant Features of Timber Bifold Doors?

Bifold door is a sliding entrance to a room and normally it is widely used in the balconies, to the kitchen and at the doorway of the sunroom of a house. As timber is a traditional material used for making doors and windows in many houses, the timber bifold doors provide both stability and remarkable elegance to the house. There are many renowned manufacturing companies of doors and windows, who are now creating this type of doors for the residential and commercial buildings. You can install these bifold doors and window in your residential and commercial premises. People actually install these doors in their residential premises because of their elegant looks, better longevity, durability, strong materials and smooth operation.

What Are the Significant Features of Timber Bifold Doors?

Salient Characteristics of The Timber Bifold Doors

  • Usually, the bifold doors are made to slid over the roller system or some uniform balls on the floor, so that the door panels can be opened and closed smoothly, without putting too much effort for it.
  • The upper portions of the door panels are suspended from the dual sets of bogey rollers, to make the door movements absolutely smooth and easy. Apart from that, this door has some automatic locking system and if you enable this locking system for your home then you can easily avail the security measurement provided by the bifold doors.
  • The door panels can be neatly piled either inside or outside, according to the design of the bifold door. In some places, the panels are sometimes also stacked to one side of the doorway or may be just split open.
  • This type of door contains two point latch and locking system that is concealed in the timber frames of the door panels. This locking system is useful for providing adequate security to the house.

What Are the Significant Features of Timber Bifold Doors?

Advantages of Timber Bifold Doors: 

The timber bifold doors are attached to the doorframes by the concealed dowelled joints, which provide the strongest bonds between the wooden surfaces. As these dowelled joints are much thicker and stronger than the screws, they provide much strength and sturdiness to the door, preventing the door panels from detaching on being pushed.

  • The doorsills are also made of timber or any other hardwood, so that the chances of gradual wear is minimum here, making it last for a much longer period.
  • The timber of these bifold doors are usually derived from the pinewood, Meranti hardwood or oak trees, all of which provide highly stable hardwood. These hardwood portions of the doors are uniformly laminated for three times, to prevent warping of the wood, in course of time. These doors can easily provide you highest security measurement because the wooden structure of these bifold doors is very hard to break by intruders.
  • PVC made compression seals are placed between the timber door panels and the wooden framework of the doorway. These seals are totally wrapped with layers of foam, for granting more longevity to the doors in harsh weather conditions and to enable easy movements of the door panels.
  • The door panels are made to slide over the aluminum tracks on the top and bottom of the doorway. Three types of tracks are available to be used in these bifold doors; namely low-level semi-weathered, fully weathered and flush. There are protective gaskets placed between these tracks and the door panels, so that there is no empty space in between, in which the fingers of any person may get trapped and injured.

Now you can choose some colorful timber bifold doors for your house, and you do not need to spend any additional cost for maintenance issue. You can repaint these doors and use them for a longer time.

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