Home How-to: 5 Simple House Repairs Everyone Can Do

Being a homeowner is a big responsibility. One of those responsibilities is performing maintenance and repairs on the property. Doing so can keep your family safe, make your home more enjoyable to live in and maintain the house’s value over time. While you may be tempted to hire contractors to do repair work, there are plenty of repairs you can do completely on your own. Below are five good examples.

Home How-to: 5 Simple House Repairs Everyone Can Do
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Replacing a Light Switch

Many homeowners are intimidated by the prospect of repairing electrical work. While many things should be left to an electrician, replacing a light switch is one thing you can do on your own. Use a screw driver to remove the face plate of the light switch as well as the light switch itself. Next, test the two wires connected to screws to make sure they’re not live with electricity. If they’re not, disconnect those wires and then attach them to your new switch.

Replacing a Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is something else you can replace on your own. If you have a one door garage, purchase a garage door opener from a company like Edelen Door or someone similar with one third to one half horse power. You also have the choice of a chain drive, belt drive or screw drive garage door opener. Whatever the case, follow the instructions for installing it. In most cases, you can use a ladder and some lumber to steady the door opener in place near the middle of your ceiling before you affix it permanently into place with an angle iron.

Fixing a Stuck Window

If a window isn’t opened often enough, it can build up dirt and other debris to the point it becomes stuck. Thankfully, a fix isn’t too difficult. Spray some WD-40 on the run channels and then use a putty knife to separate the window sash from the frame. You can then wiggle the window loose.

Repainting Your Walls

Paint doesn’t last forever. Over time, it can chip and fade and lose its attractive appearance. Repainting your walls is thankfully very easy. Remove fixtures and other obstacles from your walls. Next, give your walls a good scrub with some warm water to remove dirt and grime. Fill in nail holes and other imperfections with spackle and sand down rough spots. Add primer to the spots you sanded and use painter’s tape and drop cloths to prevent accidents before you start painting.

Replacing a Toilet Lever

The lever used to flush a toilet can corrode to the point it no longer works. If the lever doesn’t work, first, check to see if the chain needs reattached. If that isn’t the problem, you can buy replacement parts for the handle, chain, rod or nut at your local hardware store.

Hopefully this has given you some insight into how to perform a few home-repairs on your own. If you wind up stuck, there’s no shame in calling a professional to help you out.

Home How-to: 5 Simple House Repairs Everyone Can Do
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