Using Gemstones and Crystals in Meditation

Meditation has been making the news a lot for its benefits to health by stress relief and self-awareness, and thousands of people are trying it out.  Many people also try meditation and it does not meet their expectations, but often this is because they didn’t find the best practice. There are many ways to meditate, but the most important aspect of meditation is for each person to find the practice that fits him or her. The only wrong answer is if it doesn’t feel right. Using gemstones as a meditation aid is one way people have found success in meditation, even if previous practice was lackluster. The energies of different gemstones can help bring focus to your meditation practice so you can get what you want from it. Even if you have had success with other types of meditation, using gemstones can enhance your practice in fulfilling ways. Here’s how to incorporate them into your meditation. Meeting the Stones Introducing the stones to yourself is a matter of researching their meanings. Each stone has a different meaning ascribed to it or inherent energy that has been noticed about it. For example, black stones, such as obsidian, jet, or onyx, are associated with the earth, grounding, and absorbing negative energy, while rose quartz is used for focusing on love. Knowing the meanings of each stone can help you figure out which stones will aid you best in meditation. With that being said, all the stones can have one use or another, so being informed on their meanings can help outside your immediate meditation practice, too. Getting to Know the Stones The next thing you want to do to optimize your use of gemstones in meditation is get to know them. Sit with them, carry them, wear them, or keep them under your pillow for a few ways to familiarize yourself with their energies. Since so many people before you probably handled them at the store, cleaning your stones and attuning them to you is an important step in preparing your stones – and yourself – for meditation for meditation with them. Meditating With Your Stones Methods of actual meditation sessions with stones are as varied as the stones themselves. Comfortable positions include any combination of being seated upright on a chair or with legs crossed on the floor,  or not, or even laying down on your back. You can hold the stones in your palms, wear them, lay them on your chest or stomach if you are laying down, or clasped in front of you if you choose to sit up. Stones that form a crystalline shape, are cut into wand shapes, or pointed necklaces should be aimed toward you. Breathing deeply and evenly, open yourself to receiving their energy. Treat it like a conversation of energy with your gemstones, and begin and end it gradually and with respect. Chakra Meditations A specific technique used by many is to meditate on the seven major chakras of Hinduism. The chakras are nexus points of energy that run in a line through the center of your body, starting at your groin and extending just above your head. Each is also associated with colors – red or black, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet – so corresponding stones should be used in a chakra meditation. Keeping your chakras balanced and flowing properly can help you avoid a lot of everyday stress and health issues. Using Specific Stones Some stones are very suited to specific purposes. Quartz, for example, is great for focus and clarity, while hematite can aid those looking to build strength and security and carnelian can help with romance or relationships. Another factor to consider is what stone you feel most attuned to. Maybe you resonate with moonstone or amber, regardless of their meaning, or find something even more specific, such as stones from a specific location. Use the stones that feel most comfortable to you to enhance your practice. Using gemstones during meditation can bring their energy to assist you. Once you get to know them, you can invite them in to help enhance your meditation techniques. Try using stones in your next meditation and see what they can do for you!