6 Healthy Reasons to Try Beetroot Powder

A popular Roman superfood is still going strong with benefits from healthier blood to greater energy

Beetroot is an ancient superfood that has been in use for centuries, but researchers are still uncovering health-related benefits. In Roman times, it was a popular choice for combating constipation, fever, skin ailments, wounds, and was even used as an aphrodisiac. In the medieval era, it was used to cure indigestion and to treat blood-related illnesses. Since then, the list of positive applications has only grown. Today, researchers are discovering that beetroot can enhance the wellbeing and vitality of everyone from the elderly to the pregnant. Beetroot’s diverse range of uses, combined with its centuries-old reputation, has helped establish it in the natural health community. Now, Naturevibe Botanicals has created a beetroot supplement that contains the same ancient benefits in powder form. Here are six healthy reasons to try it:

Six Healthy Reasons to Try Beetroot Powder

Enriches Blood

Beetroot powder is good for the blood. High in vitamin C, it helps your body absorb iron – another main ingredient – which increases hemoglobin and reduces anemia in pregnant women. In older people, it has a positive impact on resting blood pressure and increases the aerobic endurance of those with heart disease. By increasing blood flow to the brain, it has the potential to combat dementia. It also contains the antioxidant betacyanin, which detoxifies and purifies the blood.

Improves Memory

In addition to combating the debilitating effects of dementia in the elderly, beetroot powder’s ability to increase blood flow to the brain means better brain functioning for everyone. Studies have shown that the bacteria in your mouth converts the high levels of nitrates contained in beetroot powder into more nitrates. This opens blood vessels, increasing blood flow and infusing oxygen-deficient areas of your body with more oxygen. While this is especially good news for the elderly and those combating dementia, it’s also helpful for anyone who wishes to improve cognition.

Enhances Exercise

By increasing blood flow, the nitrates contained in beetroot powder help your body during and after exercise by relaxing your muscles and relieving stress. This is thanks to flavonoids called anthocyanins – pigments found in red, purple, and blue plants that are known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Processes Fat

Speaking of exercise, beetroot powder can also aid weight loss thanks to its content of betaine. This alkaloid is essential for a healthy liver, which detoxifies your body and helps process fat. A healthy liver breaks down fat so that it can be transported through your body and eliminated. In addition to weight loss, a normally functioning liver results in higher energy levels and a stronger immune system.

Eliminates Waste

Closely connected to the liver is the gallbladder, which stores bile before it’s eliminated from your body. If your liver is congested, your gallbladder could become clogged with gallstones, hardened bile, and other waste products. However, beetroot powder’s detoxifying and cleansing properties – also connected to the betaine alkaloid – cuts down these harmful waste and removes them from your body. This is particularly important in America, where our food and water supply contain high amounts of chemical toxicity, which prevent our bodies from functioning at optimum health.

Boosts Energy

Eliminating waste, getting rid of unhealthy fat, and increasing blood flow and oxygen content all adds up to a healthier immune system and more overall energy. This is accomplished via beetroot powder’s ability to turn nitrate into nitric oxide, helping your body to retain oxygen. This boosts energy and increases stamina, even in low-intensity activity. So even if you’re not an athlete, beetroot powder can help you power through tasks that ordinarily fatigue you without even having to leave your house.

Being healthy can be tough. Toxins permeate our lives. When consumed via air, food, or water, they can cause innumerable health-related issues, which can be as relatively harmless as indigestion or as potentially fatal as cancer. That’s why Naturevibe Botanicals seeks to combat the downside of modern life with supplements like its beetroot powder. By cleansing your body of harmful waste, increasing blood flow, and helping your body retain oxygen, beetroot powder can boost energy and stamina, improve memory, and benefit overall health. Regardless of whether you live an active or more sedentary lifestyle, beetroot powder has benefits for everyone.

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