Window Unit, Central Unit, or Swamp Cooler: Which Unit is Best for Your Needs?

If you reside in an area that is prone to high temperatures every year, you may need to invest in a gadget that will lower the temperature of your home. The choice of a cooling system will depend on the climate of your area and what your personal needs are. When it comes to selecting a cooling device, you will realize that one cooling technique will work better than the other. That is why these cooling systems come in various forms, that is, the swamp coolers, the central air, and the window units. Although all these gadgets will cool your home, they have different ways of operation. 

Window Unit, Central Unit, or Swamp Cooler: Which Unit is Best for Your Needs?

Temperature Control

One of the essential benefits of the central air is that this gadget offers the option of setting your thermostat to a temperature you desire. If you like it cold, perhaps a sixty-five-degree setting might be the right choice for you. With the window units, you also have the option of controlling temperatures to the levels you desire. However, a swamp cooler does not offer this advantage. You’ll discover that a swamp cooler is struggling to offer cold air during very hot conditions. In such situations, the cooling capacity of the liquid in the swamp cooler remains the same. So during extreme temperatures, the air that blows from your cooling system will be less hot compared to the surrounding, but it will not be as cold as you would have desired. 


Both the central air and the swamp cooler come with a range of installation options, but these depend on the size and type of units acquired and where the installation will be carried out. Portable and window units require no professional installation. The central air, on the other hand, requires professional input. If the cooling system requires duct work, the professionals will need to add or reconfigure the ducts to accommodate the device. A ductless unit can be utilized in retrofitting a building without ducts, but the services of an electrician or a carpenter may be required to facilitate installation. 

Direct air swamp and portable coolers and the window unit swamp coolers do not require any professional assistance. These gadgets only need to be kept close to a hose or a water hookup. The whole house gadgets will require the input of experts dealing with air conditioning Oshawa to place them on the roof or anchor them in one place. 


Central air and window units require some level of maintenance to ensure they operate at their maximum efficiency. This work involves clearing debris from compressors and ensuring the air filters are changed. However, swamp coolers require more maintenance. These gadgets need to be winterized prior to sealing them off before the winters. The pads holding the water need changing on a frequent basis to prevent the growth of mildew. Apart from that, the pumps may degrade requiring replacement from time to time. If you love switching on the AC and forgetting about them, then the swamp coolers are not right for you. 

From the above, the kind of cooling system you choose will depend on your preferences, the climate or the area you reside, and your willingness to carry out maintenance on the gadgets. Although the central air, swamp coolers, and window units offer the cold air you want, it is important to evaluate your needs before choosing the one that is ideal for you.

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