8 Interesting Benefits of Holistic Dentistry You Should Know about

Holistic dentistry is the biological approach to dentistry. It focuses on an individual’s overall wellbeing, wellbeing of the whole body and not just the teeth. Those who practice it claim that it promotes the overall health of the patient more than the treatment of diseases. In that approach, it opposes many ways of modern dentistry including filling of teeth, approach to gum disease and root canals. They consider amalgam fillings to be dangerous to the body, and root canals to have a high chance of spreading bacteria to the rest of the body.

8 Interesting Benefits of Holistic Dentistry You Should Know about

In regards to gum disease, they incorporate some traditional healing methods as well. In general, it encompasses some modern practices as well as traditional ones for healing. Rejuvenation dentistry forms part of holistic dentistry as it observes the cause of the problems and fixes them without solely relying on treatment. For example, they will investigate your chewing system and correct your teeth, muscles and jaw bones to make your whole dental system better. Holistic dentistry has some benefits that you should know about:

  1. Focuses on whole body

One major thing about holistic dentistry is that it extends to your total wellness as a human being. It deals with your mind, body and even your spirit. It encourages you to improve your lifestyle, through which your dental issues may be solved as well. It is a diverse and widespread approach to dentistry. It is also referred to as complementary or alternative dentistry. One of the things that they heavily disagree with is the use of treatments that introduce chemicals or apply force to your teeth. They oppose these because they believe them to have a ripple effect. With time, these treatments end up disrupting the rest of your system functioning. It also includes proper nutrition in order to prevent or reverse degenerative diseases of the oral cavity and ensure that you don’t have biting problems. The latter cause a physical imbalance as they put a lot of strain on your jaw and muscles of the mouth.

  1. Removes toxins

Since they believe in a totally biological approach to disease, one of the goals of holistic dental treatment is to remove toxins from your body. The toxins are said to spread to the rest of the body with time, causing more damage. Some of the holistic dentists are capable of safely removing old mercury fillings from the teeth. In order for you to get yours removed, ensure your doctor has done the procedure before and is fully qualified. If not done right, it can cause more harm than good. This is because you could end up inhaling the mercury vapor from the fillings, which is harmful to you. Mercury is not good for your body. However, most holistic dentists are capable of performing this procedure safely as it forms a large cornerstone of their dental beliefs.

  1. Non-toxic

Since they help you remove toxins from your body, it would make no sense if their treatments were also toxic. They are not. They mostly refer to science and in some cases incorporate traditional treatment. Therefore, if you are looking for a dental solution that is safe and does not introduce chemicals into your body, you should consider holistic dentistry. The main approach they use is teaching their patients how to take care of their teeth and give them tips on how to manage common dental problems. It is a practice that honors your whole body and is dedicated to making sure everything is right for you throughout. This is a great advantage, especially if you dislike endless procedures and artificial things being introduced into your teeth. The aim is to promote a longer and healthier life through natural methods that bring wellness to every part of you, whether it is your mind, body or spirit.

  1. They are also dentists

In as much as holistic dentists choose a greater wholesome view of dentistry, they are still dentists. They went to school like other dentists, studied and practiced before specializing in holistic dentistry. Therefore, they are just as qualified as any other dentists out there. Just like the rest, they took the Hippocratic oath. In the oath, they vow to give excellent care to their patients and put their wellness above all else. They take the oath in which they promise to serve people and not just think of the paycheck. Therefore, they are trustworthy. They are not some crooks who didn’t go to school or don’t know what they are talking about. They are qualified for their jobs and work just as hard as any other dentist in a different field. You don’t have to worry. They will know what they are doing when you go for consultation and you will be in safe hands.

  1. Less X- rays

X- rays have been known to introduce radiation into the body and are known to be harmful. One of the major benefits of holistic dentistry is that x-rays will not be ordered until they are absolutely necessary. This you can be sure of. The reverence for the whole body discourages the practice from exposing the body to such harmful rays without any need. This is unlike in modern dentistry where most dentists’ first choice would be to send you for an x-ray before recommending any course of treatment for you. In this regard, you save a lot of money on all the x-rays you would have attended. This helps you save and the money can be used for other needs or even to generate more income. This will put your mind at ease and reduce your stress as you don’t need a large sum of money every time you go to the dentist.

  1. Personalized to suit you

Everybody is different. This is in terms of how they respond to treatments and how much stress their body can handle at any particular moment. In modern dentistry, treatment operates by the one fits all rule. This means that the treatment for any oral problem is standardized across the board for all patients. They don’t consider you as an individual but rather go by guidelines as to what treatment is required for a condition. This is quite unfortunate. However, in holistic dentistry, treatment is fashioned to suit your particular needs as the patient. Since they are interested in healing your whole body, the treatment is completely dependent on you. The dentist will give you advice that suits you in particular. The approach used to solve your problem will not be the same as another patient’s. This is because everybody is being pushed to reach their own full potential of mind, body and spirit.

  1. Enhances healing

When it comes to healing, most times it is never just about the treatment you have been given. It also usually depends on your mindset as an individual, how at peace you are and the ability to follow your treatment plan. Holistic dentistry being concerned with healing from every angle enhances healing because it promotes overall health. Together with the oral problem you are having, you are likely to receive homeopathic treatments as well as treatment for your dental illness. This is likely to speed up the rate of recovery because every part of your body has been taken care of. When your mind is at peace, you are more likely to settle down and let the treatment you have been given work. Furthermore, if you improve your eating habits and incorporate healthy foods into your diet, the nutrients will help you to recover better.

  1. Less invasive

Unlike the conventional methods of treatment, holistic dentistry is not invasive. In all their procedures, they do their very best to treat you without making you uncomfortable or putting you in distress. It is well known that some dental procedures can be very stressful. They are uncomfortable and in some cases cause excruciating pain. If you are a person who likes their personal space, it is not the best way to go. It will constantly feel like an invasion of personal space. Rather than turn to procedures first, it focuses more on nutrition changes, lifestyle changes, prevention of gum disease at a biological level and removal of harmful material from your teeth such amalgam fillings. It discourages the use of the latter for overall wellbeing. When you go for a consultation, the dentist will first try all biological approaches before turning to procedures as a last resort. 

All in all, holistic dentistry may be different but it is a breath of fresh air. It brings new ideas to the table that help the patient recover by improving their lifestyle. It is quite beneficial to the patient as you not only focus on the current problem but your overall health and how to prevent the problems. In the long run, it is economical as it drastically reduces the number of visits to the dentist’s office. That money could go into something productive that would help improve your quality of life.

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