Shower Screens That Make Your Bathroom Appear Classic

The western style of bathrooms has now been equipped with shower screens that are placed near the shower area. It is basically a glass wall that is placed and fitted in the bathroom where the shower is located. A shower screen separates the bathing space from the rest of the bathroom, making a bath comfortable and private. It is made from glass and is either transparent or has designs on it.

The designs on the screen can be basically the choice of the owner, but ideally a transparent glass makes the bathroom look quite classic. Apart from design, it has variations in features like in the types of glass, size, methods of closings, etc. Here, we will explore the various kinds of shower screens and how cool will they look in the bathroom.

Shower Screens That Make Your Bathroom Appear Classic

Types of Shower Screens:

Side Partitioned Screens: Side Partitioned Screens are basically installed at the corner where the shower if fitted. It just gives a partition and covers either 50% of the area of 75%. It is only on one side and thus only covers that side, while the other three sides have regular walls.

Compartment Shower Screens: Compartment Shower screens cover three sides as walls, while the fourth side is the wall where the shower is fitted. It makes a shower comfortable as it cuts distraction from outside. They also help in keeping the rest of the bathroom clean.

Round Shaped Screens: Here, the design of the shower area is round shaped with a middle seat, where one can sit and enjoy the shower. It is also fully packed, thus making showering much more enjoyable.

Bathtub Shower Screens: To avoid water spill and to maintain privacy, bathtub shower screens are placed just at the edge of the bathtub. One can just enter into the tub and close the shower screen door.

Advantages of Shower Screens:

Here are few advantages of shower screens.

  • Shower screens prevent water from shower from spilling all over the bathroom. It ensures that water remains at a limited area.
  • Shower screens also give privacy from outside, in case someone else is also using the bathroom
  • By separating the rest of bathroom from shower area, it becomes a hygienic place as it is distant and separate from the toilet seat
  • Separation from toilet area also works as a mood enhancer, thus giving a comfortable bath as the commode seat sometimes spoils the mood.
  • Compact zone through shower screens makes the bath much more intense and enjoyable
  • At times of winter or summer, a closed zone makes the area either cold or warm to avoid hotness and coldness respectively
  • Shower screens work wonder in winter time when one is taking steam or warm water bath, as it keeps one away from the cold temperature of outside, making shower comfortable

Shower Screens That Make Your Bathroom Appear Classic

How to Choose your Ideal Shower Screen?

Choosing your ideal shower screen requires you to understand the condition of your bathroom. If your bathroom is already constructed then you have to select your shower screen accordingly or if it is yet to be built then you can choose one, based on your comfort. It also depends lot on the size of your bathroom and how much space you would like to donate to the shower area. There are basically two types of shower screens. One is framed and the other one is unframed. Both have their advantages, but your screen should be strong enough to avoid cracks, in case when hot or extremely cold-water spills on the screen.

It should also be stain free as water marks easily get formed on the screen after usage. So make a decent choice that makes your bath enjoyable and comfortable.

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