Hosting a Summer Bachelorette Party at Home

There are many couples that decide to get married in the summer, as they can look forward to lovely weather and warmth on their big day. If you have someone close to you who is getting married to her beau this summer, one of the things you may be doing is planning a bachelorette night for her. When you go out as a big group for a bachelorette night, it can end up being extremely costly – and it can lead to problems that the bride-to-be can do without.

Hosting a Summer Bachelorette Party at Home

A great alternative for a summer bachelorette night is to host the event at your home or at the home of one of the other people involved in the planning. This can be particularly ideal if the bride is in her 30s upwards, as she may not even be keen to hit the nightclubs for a celebratory night. It also works out much cheaper for you all, there is no travel involved, and you can enjoy a far more laid back atmosphere. 

Hosting a Summer Bachelorette Party at Home

Making the night special

Of course, given the importance of the occasion, you want to do everything you can to make it special for the bride. First off, you can plan a surprise by booking someone to come and do some pampering. There are various places that offer mobile treatments such as massage, manicure, pedicures, facials, and more. These services are perfect for bachelorette nights that are held at home and they can add to the relaxation and ‘girly’ feel of the whole event.

Another thing you can do is make sure you get plenty of drink in so that you can all relax in the garden with sparkly wine, cocktails, and other beverages. You can even sip on a glass of wine or a refreshing pornstar martini while you have your pedicure carried out. You can also create a range of other cocktails for your guests to enjoy as they relax and help your loved one to wave goodbye to life as a single woman!

In order to make the bride feel special, make sure you go to some effort to really do the place out in terms of decorations. You can get all sorts of decorations for bachelorette events, so push the boat out and make the area really stand out. Add some music and relaxing garden furniture, and you can all feel like you are in a chill out zone with areas to kick back, cocktails on hand, great music, and warm temperatures. 

Also, make sure you make an extensive list of guests for the big night well in advance. Remember, in the summer people often make their own plans in the evening, particularly if you are hosting the event on a weekend. So, give them plenty of time so that you can maximize on the number of people that are able to attend out of everyone you plan to invite. This will ensure the bride has everyone she wants around her on the big night.  

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