Vaping Tastes Sweet: These 5 E-Liquids Are Made to Please All the Senses

One of the advantages of vaping over smoking is the availability of different e-liquid flavors which help to enhance the experience. These liquids or vape juices also have exciting colors and aromas which are a far cry from smelly cigarette smoke and the monotony of smoking. 

It should be noted that not all e-liquids contain high amounts of nicotine. Some contain low doses, and some contain none at all. If you want to try vaping, you may want to know some of your options.

There are now several varieties of e-liquids the market from which to choose and some businesses even allow you to create your own. There are both sweet and savory options but sweet ones tend to have the edge. Several retailers sell vaping systems and liquids including DirectVapor, Smoka and VaporDNA. They each have different best-selling brands and flavors which are a hit with their customers.

Vaping Tastes Sweet: These 5 E-Liquids Are Made to Please All the Senses

Burst E-liquid

Burst E-liquid is popular with its range of fruity flavors. They include Apple Watermelon, Kiwi Strawberry, Peach Raspberry and citrus. Citrus Burst is “a mouth-watering citrus sherbet flavored e-liquid; Apple Watermelon is “a perfect duo of red apples and juicy watermelons” and Kiwi Strawberry is a “delicious juicy pink strawberry”. If you love your fruits, you’ll probably love this brand.

Smoka’s Kiwi Vapor

Smoka’s Kiwi Vapor line includes IcyApple (a delicious trifecta consisting of crisp red apples, tasty green apples and a cool menthol blast), Coco Loco (a delicious coconut and pear concoction) and Chewberry (a sweet strawberry chewy candy). Smoka’s soon to be available Milk Craze line features fun sounding flavors like Crazy Choco, Wild Orange and Mad Mango.

Shaka by Yami Vapor

This is another option for those wanting to inhale and exhale a delicious, sweet flavour. It is marketed as “a tantalizing mango and mangosteen flavored E-Liquid”. The exquisite and flavorful mangosteen with the sweet ripe mangoes are said to weave together deliciously.

Pepe’s Churros Strawberry Shortcake E-liquid 

If you want your vape juice to remind you of your favorite dessert, this may be the option for you. Strawberry Shortcake by Pepe’s Churros conjures up thoughts of a hot, fried cinnamon churro filled with a freshly baked strawberry shortcake. According to the manufacturers: “The inhale consists of sweet strawberries with a hint of cake that will tingle your taste buds, while the exhale delivers a sugary, cinnamon churro that’ll leave you craving for more”. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself heading to the bakery for the real deal!

Mila’s Macarons Pistachio E-liquid

Not a strawberry pastry fan? That’s OK. Pistachio macarons may be more your thing. Mila’s Macarons Pistachio E-liquid bring to mind a fresh macaron filled with a rich pistachio center. This flavor was formulated with a high degree of skill and you can get your sweet fix without having to whip up something in the kitchen or visit the bakery.

Whether you’re looking for a fruity flavor or something reminiscent of your favorite dessert, there is an e-liquid out there for you. The ranges are getting quite extensive with new flavors emerging quite frequently. No doubt you will want to experiment with a few. Just remember, even though vaping doesn’t carry many of the risks of smoking, e-liquids still contain nicotine. Liquid nicotine has its own dangers.

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