Preventative measures that can keep you safe against malaria

One of the deadliest diseases in the world is the malaria. Mosquito bites can cause malaria, and they can be quite difficult to deal with, considering the symptoms like vomiting, loss of appetite, intermittent fevers, and overall physical weakness. This article will deal with some basic preventive measures which you ought to take to not get affected by this disease.

Preventative measures that can keep you safe against malaria

Malaria is most prevalent in the tropical countries with bloodthirsty, dangerous mosquitoes swarming around everywhere. People traveling to these areas have to take heavy precautions to keep themselves safe, and they get sprayed with mosquito repellent as well as take high doses of anti-malaria tablets. However, this is not always safe. A lot of people from the UK still forget to take proper medication and as a result contract malaria easily. Malaria is, in respects, a grave infection which can become acuter quickly and even cause death. There were around 400 million people affected by malaria in 2017, which has culminated in almost 2 million deaths. The preventions are crucial for people to protect themselves from this dangerous infection and you should take care to heed them.

The basic preventive measure is apparently to avoid bites from mosquitoes

You should try to live rooms which have been well screened. You should always sleep in bed nets, and the clothes you wear have to be sprayed with insecticides, non-toxic for humans though. Apply a lot of mosquito repellents on yourself, these repellents tend to get washed away easily, so in case you think of going swimming, then apply the repellents frequently. The clothes you wear also should protect you. Try wearing long pants along with long sleeve shirts to lessen the amount of skin that is exposed. Try to avoid going outdoors after dark between dusk till dawn, because this is the time when mosquitoes are the most active. Do not linger near places where there is stagnant water because malaria spreading mosquitoes breed in stagnant water bodies.

It might also help if you do well to take some anti-malaria pills with you when you are traveling to a malaria prone area. There are some medications which require you to take them a few weeks before travelling to that area as well as which you should continue taking for at least a month after you leave that place. Take your doctor’s advice regarding dosage and other details when you are taking anti-malaria pills. One of the best medications for malaria is doxycycline medication. It helps to identify the symptoms quickly as well as heal you at a fast pace. Remember you can get malaria efficiently treated when the symptoms are caught early. You can get doxycycline medication by visiting this link.

Wrapping things up

Malaria is a deadly disease which is rampant in tropical countries where the mosquitoes are aplenty. It is always recommended that you take high precautions when you visit these places. You can try doxycycline medication to help yourself treat malaria.

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