Filling the gaps: What are dental implants and when do you need them?

As dental medicine keeps reaching new heights, revolutionary new methods are born. In the same spirit, dental implants have revolutionized the way damaged or worn out teeth can be replaced. Back in the day before dental implants existed, people with dentures had a significantly reduced quality of life since they were unable to chew certain types of food. But now, thanks to dental implants, all of this has changed. Now let’s take a look at the most crucial things there are to know about them.

Filling the gaps: What are dental implants and when do you need them?

What are dental implants?

By using a titanium screw, it’s possible to firmly connect a tooth to the jawbone. Compared to dentures and bridges, dental implants are a bit more flexible in terms of functionality. Bridges and partial dentures, for example, harm the rest of your teeth, while dental implants actually preserve them. Unlike partial dentures, they don’t require other teeth to hold them in place, which means your other teeth won’t be weakened by them.

Other dental replacements can fail

Did you know that a dental bridge is estimated to last you anywhere from 5 to 10 years? Apart from that, a dental bridge has a 30% failure rate. Full dentures can limit you in terms of what food you’re allowed to eat, which has a negative effect on the quality of your life. Dental implants, on the other hand, only have a 3% failure rate, which means it’s practically guaranteed they will serve you well. With their help, you’ll be able to eat anything your heart desires without having to worry about damaging them.

When do you need them?

If you’ve had some bad experiences with bridges or dentures by having them fail you in the past, or if you finally want to enjoy your life the way it was meant, visiting the experts at dental implants Toronto or the ones in your local area will see to it that the procedure is customized to the dimensions of your jawbone. Depending on your unique case and dental situation, a dentist can fit one or more in there to fill the gaps, whether it’s upper or lower teeth.

Dental implants will improve the quality of your life

It’s not just about being able to eat all the foods you enjoy, but also about being confident in a public setting. Imagine how awkward it would be when other people encourage you to smile when one or more of your teeth is missing? Holding back and placing such limitations on your behavior just to cover up a deficiency in your mouth makes it hard to enjoy any kind of social gatherings, which really leaves a dent in your confidence and your overall quality of life.


When all is said and done, nothing can truly replace your natural teeth, but dental implants come as close to the ideal as the modern scientific advancements allow us. Many people have almost given up on their dreams of ever being able to enjoy their lives to the full extent before stumbling across the option of having dental implants installed – but after that, they never wanted to go back to the alternatives ever again. You, too, can become one of these success stories.

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