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First Impressions: What to Expect from Your Initial Consultation with an Injury Lawyer

Being in an accident can turn your life upside down. If you’ve taken the first step to call a lawyer, you might wonder what to expect at your first meeting. Your initial consultation is your opportunity to learn about your case and decide if you want to work with a particular legal team. Here’s what to expect from your initial consultation with an injury lawyer: 

First Impressions: What to Expect from Your Initial Consultation with an Injury Lawyer

You’ll talk about your case

In order to give you appropriate advice about your legal case, your attorney needs to learn everything that they can about your case. They’ll likely start by asking you what prompted you to contact an attorney. You have the opportunity to tell your whole story. You can tell the injury lawyer everything that you think is important. Expect the lawyer to take a lot of notes. 

The attorney will ask follow-up questions

Once you’ve told the story of how you came to contact a personal injury lawyer, your attorney asks questions. They may need to clarify what happened, or they may want more information about specific details. Asking questions helps your lawyer get a clearer understanding of what happened in your case so they can give you good advice. 

You’ll learn about the process of a lawsuit

When you meet with a personal injury lawyer for the first time, it’s your chance to learn more about what it means to bring a legal claim. Expect the lawyer to talk you through the process of filing a lawsuit. They explain what it means to file a case, what discovery is in a legal case, what things can complicate a case and what your case might be worth. Even though your lawyer can’t tell you exactly what might unfold, you should leave with a general understanding of what to expect if you decide to proceed. 

They’ll explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case

Part of the reason you work with a lawyer is to learn whether you have a case and what the strengths and weaknesses of your case are. Your lawyer should be able to give you a general idea of the value of your claim. They should be able to explain to you what issues or facts of the case could cause problems later on. They may give you specific things that you can do in order to build a stronger case. 

You’ll learn what it means to have a lawyer represent you

Your lawyer should explain what it means to work with them. You should discuss the financial terms of your representation, and they should put the terms of your agreement in writing. Another thing you can discuss is who your contact person will be at the law firm and whether you’ll communicate by email, phone, text or a combination of all three. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions, because your lawyer is your teammate as well as your advocate. For more information please visit

Making the most of your initial consultation

An initial consultation with a lawyer is your chance to learn about your case and what it means to bring a legal claim. The lawyer will want a lot of information, and it’s your chance to ask questions, too. You should leave with a general understanding of your case. If you choose to hire the lawyer to represent you, you should have a clear agreement in writing about the terms of the lawyer’s representation.

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