Solo Travel San Diego Style

Solo Travel San Diego Style

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Many people, when they think of visiting California, think of Los Angeles, and although there’s lots of fun to be had there, for solo travellers visiting California, San Diego is hard to beat.


San Diego is a melting pot of different cultures, which means that when you’re there, you can experience lots of different ways fo living, eating and having fun all in the one place, Not only that, but it is home to world-renowned attractions like San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park, amongst others. It’s also a little easier to get around there than it is in places like Los Angeles, and the bars and restaurants are pretty hard to beat.


Sold on San Diego? Here are some tips to make your solo stay as perfect as it can possibly be:


Stay at International Travelers House

The International Travelers house is a fantastic eco-friendly hostel for world travelers right outside the downtown area of the city in Little Italy. That means there is lots of excellent Italian food close by, not to mention lots of other travelers who you can hang out with when you want company.


Check Out the  Courtyard San Diego Old Town Too

If your budget can stretch to it and you want to have a little luxury for at least one night of your stay, the Courtyard San Diego Old Town is an excellent choice being just 4 miles away from the airport and home to a gym, spa and beautiful bistro. If you can’t stretch to it, team up with a fellow solo traveler, share the cost of the room and benefit from the superior facilities it offers. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Be Alert, But Know It’s Safe

In the great scheme of things, San Diego is pretty safe. You shouldn’t experience any problems in the vast majority of places you visit and you can let your hair down without having to worry too much, but as a solo traveler, you should always be alert just in case.


Hire a Car

Although public transit is not too bad in San Diego, and the Old Town Trolley tours are pretty good for seeing the main attractions, you will probably need to hire a car if you want to be able to explore it to it’s fullest and get off the beaten track. Lots of the best attractions like San Diego Zoo are a bit out of the way too and having a vehicle will save you time and money. Renty Car Rental are a very affordable option for those of you traveling solo. However, it never hurts to shop around when you get there.


Buy Food from the Farmers Markets

If you’re on a budget, you might think that buying food from the local grocery stores is the best idea, but there are lots of farmer’s markets in San Diego and they sell very good, fresh produce at great prices, and if you look upon your visits there as part entertainment part practicality, you will see that they offer much better value overall.


Have you vacationed solo in San Diego? What are your top tips for doing it right?

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