Holistic Medicine: Fact or Fad

The mainstream medical establishment has often turned their nose up at holistic medicine. While the mainstream medical establishment has often cited that science is on their side, people continue to find that holistic medicine appears to work well for them. The following are some reasons why holistic medicine will likely endure despite mainstream criticism. 

Holistic Medicine: Fact or Fad

Involves the Patient More 

A holistic doctor is not looking for patients who go along with everything they say. They try to engage patients in their patient care. By allowing patients to raise questions and express concerns, holistic doctors find it easier to gain the trust of patients—especially those who take great interest in their health and well being and want to be more involved in the approach to their patient care. In addition, there are holistic dental practices as well, and these dentists will similarly try to have the treatment suit you while using fewer X-Rays and typically trying to be as non-invasive as possible. 

Ancient Practices 

When it comes to medical practices, many of the methods used by holistic doctors originated in the ancient world. At a time when there was not a formal science-based approach to medicine, ancient cultures still had to find medical approaches to get people well. Unlike the modern approaches to medicine, holistic doctors attempt to figure out the cause of health problems. They prefer this way of healing people, rather than merely throwing pharmaceutical drugs at symptoms. Hence a holistic doctor’s approach is often considered more natural. 

Drugs Can Be Harmful and Addictive 

It is important to recognize that there are some merits to holistic medicine. For example, holistic doctors know that most drugs on the market are harmful and addictive. It concerns them that mainstream doctors will put patients on medications, knowing all the while that the side effects of these drugs will lead to putting their patients on even more drugs later to ensure numerous repeat visits. A holistic doctor is not trying to get their patients on an expensive regiment of 15 to 20 medications. Holistic doctors usually try to help patients get off these drugs as much as possible to undo the damage mainstream doctors have done to their patients. 

Patients See Results 

Since the goal of holistic medicine is to address the underlying cause of illness, disease, and discomfort, rather than silencing the symptoms only, their patients often experience recovery that they could not achieve with a mainstream doctor. This difference, more than any other, is what keeps patients coming back to holistic doctors for medical treatments and advice. It is also what causes these patients to wonder why mainstream medical doctors, with all their science in hand, could not help them achieve such results. 


The world is filled with all kinds of doctors. While many of these doctors practice medicine, it turns out that their answer to any perceived illness or health problem is a drug. Many health problems can be treated without the use of any drugs whatsoever. But, to find out about these types of methods, you would have to visit a holistic doctor to experience a different way of thinking about the healing process and see if it’s for you.


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