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Travel To Ditch The Stress Of The Creative Block

If you’re the kind of person who loves the idea of starting a creative career, you’ve probably heard about the nightmare of the creative block. Whether you’re a writer, a designer or even a painter, you’ll come to experience a moment when your mind is blank. Despite scratching your head and forcing yourself to concentrate while drinking coffee to stay alert, you can’t come up with a good idea. In fact, you can’t come up with any idea at all.

Before you decide to apply for a job at your local cafe to pay the bill, there are plenty of options to find your inspiration back. Don’t give up just now! Instead, consider ideas that involve traveling to change your mind, explore a new culture and see the world in a different light. Sure, it might be daunting, but your brain will thank you for the time off.

Start with a business plan

First of all, before you ditch everything to set on your travel journey, you need to ensure that your creative business is safe in the event of such a creative block. Indeed, a creative career means that you need to be professional about it. You are your own brand – unless you created a company name under which you operate. Consequently, you need to maintain your professional image online, even if you can’t find any brilliant idea at the moment. Don’t vent out on social media, for a start. Additionally, when presenting your work, make sure to partner with professionals to do a taster tape portfolio, for example. Additionally, you need to be aware that the creative market is a competitive space. You need to understand how to differentiate your work from others – in short, how not to accidentally copy something that already exists. Besides, remember to protect your rights as an artist!


Start from fresh

So, inspiration is just refusing to come to you. You’ve been sitting for hours at your desk, and you can’t think of any idea. Maybe you need to take some time off to fill your mind with your landscapes and memories. Why not book a holiday in one of the most awe-inspiring places in the world? After all, going for a walk downtown is not going to do it. So why not take a break and dramatically change your horizons? If you need to recharge your batteries and change your gray urban sky for a blue and fresh view, head to the Pulpit Rock in Norway. It’s a 90-min hike to get to the top of the Preikestolen, and then you find yourself looking over the blue Norwegian fjords. Peace guaranteed if you’re not afraid of heights! Italy also has a lot of inspiration to give, especially Cinque Terre, which is one of the most colorful towns – or 5 towns as it happens – in the country.

See what other creative people are doing

How about a different kind of travel, a travel that is dictated by your thirst for culture? You could head to your nearest metropole city and take a look at the latest arts and entertainment exhibitions. Have a look at what other people in the creative industry are doing – as long as they work in a different creative sector. Take A Bronx Tale, for instance, a musical 1960s-inspired show, midway through West Side Story and Jersey Boys. It’s a tale of loyalty, love and respect, a tale that can inspire you to create a family-centered project maybe. Art galleries are also a fantastic source of ideas, especially if you take a look at modern artists who mix materials, colors and references. Blow your mind with brand new perceptions of the world!


Put your hiking boots on

Did you know that when town can’t help you to find your new ideas, nature can? Indeed, being in nature is good for your mind. There is a general sense of awe when you’re surrounded by trees, lakes, or rivers. It’s amazing what Mother Nature can create! So, of course, as a result, you feel that your mind is clearer. Planning a hiking holiday in the local mountains or a distant rural region can give you the creative boost you need.


What’s on your plate, gurl?

Last, but not least, how are your eating habits? Food engages your senses, so does creativity. Consequently, eating dull food can affect the way you think about your work too. Indeed, as food affects the brain, it’s expected that certain diets can enhance your cognitive abilities. Healthy diets, especially provide your brain with all the nutrients it needs. But exotic diets from foreign countries can combine nutrients with visual excitement!


In conclusion, there is more than one way to travel to find inspiration. From discovering new horizons to exploring other creative works, travel is a multi-dimensional to your creativity.

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