5 Signs It’s Time To Hire a Matchmaker

Modern dating is the worst and it’s not embarrassing or shameful to admit that you might need some help when it comes to dating. Online dating requires time and energy, and getting dressed up with the hope of meeting someone out in the real world is very hit or miss. Mostly, it’s a miss. Even when you do meet someone who you think is great, they often don’t turn out to be who you thought they were. If you’re sick and tired of wasting your time, but you still are interested in potentially meeting the one, then it may be time to hire a professional matchmaker. Matchmakers make it their mission to find the perfect match for you, and they do this by taking the time to get to know you and deciphering what you want. They truly take the time to understand what you look for in a partner. They do all the work for you, in terms of weeding out the bad and finding the good men. Here are 5 signs it’s time to hire a matchmaker:

1. You Have A Very Limited Amount Of Free Time, And You’ve Been Wasting It

If you have a busy career and an active social calendar, you likely don’t have a lot of free time to waste on dating sites. Online dating is incredibly time consuming, since you have to sift through hundreds of bad prospects to find one good one, and often that one ‘good’ one turns out to not be looking for anything serious. You’ll waste a ton of your precious time chatting with men online, only to find out that they aren’t up to caliber. You’ll save a ton of time by hiring a matchmaking consultant, since it’s the matchmaker who spends all that time finding you good matches and interviewing potential ‘candidates’ for you. The matchmaker won’t waste your time, because it’s their job to only present you with the best options.

2. You’ve Had Some Bad Experiences Online

Perhaps you’ve had some bad experiences online, where a man you met turned out to have a hidden agenda, or wasn’t who he said he was. There are a lot of romance scams out there, and plenty of men are manipulative con artists who will try to fool you into believing they’re in love with you. By hiring a matchmaking consultant, you’re going about dating the safe way. Your personal information is not on public display like it is on dating sites. Your information is kept private. In even better news, your matchmaker will screen the men for you and do background checks for your personal safety and security. Each potential match is screened in person and through interviews, so that nobody can misrepresent themselves.

3. You’re Sick Of Meeting Men Who Aren’t Relationship-Ready

Another thing that a professional matchmaker will do for you is ensure the men they interview are looking for a relationship, and not looking for casual dating. They ask these men strategic questions to decipher if they’re truly and genuinely ready for a relationship. Typically, if a man hires a matchmaker instead of downloading a dating app, it means he’s relationship-ready. However, the matchmaking consultant will still decipher what his intentions are via interviews over the phone and in person.

4. You’re Tired Of Meeting Men Of Low Caliber

A matchmaker’s clients tend to be of impressive caliber. Matchmakers attract professionals, business owners, and men who are a good catch who take their search for the one seriously. Since these men are paying good money for a matchmaking service, it shows that they take this seriously and that they can afford a professional service. You don’t have to be unlucky in love anymore. Most elite matchmaking companies set a standard where they help set up people of high caliber who have their house in order.

5. You Just Need Someone In Your Corner

Perhaps you’re at a point in life where dating has exhausted you, and failed relationships or almost-relationships have drained you. You still have hope, but you need someone in your corner. You’re at a point in life where you need some support, advice and help. Your matchmaker is that person. They will make the effort to get to know what you look for in a partner, and set out to find your ideal match. They’ll even offer you advice, tips, and feedback. Having a matchmaker’s support makes the entire process of dating much easier.

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