7 Fashion Tips for Pregnant Ladies

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but it definitely turns our entire world upside down. Aside from the change in bladder control, our bodies start to change and the style and beauty routines that were our once tried-and-trues, are suddenly thrown out the window. If you’re struggling with your maternity look, here are some great tips for you since we know that shopping for good looks can be super hard, and especially so on a budget (babies are kind of expensive). 

1. Trade flashy for functional 

Let’s be real- dressing cute and flashy is honestly one of the most fun parts of womanhood, but these stylish outfits aren’t always the most functional. Although there is no need to throw your style out the door, try going for more useful pieces. The best maternity pieces you can have are flowing dresses, long button-down shirts, leggings, and loose sweaters. Since maternity clothes only serve a function for a certain amount of time, it is best just to buy a couple of versatile pieces that you can wear a bunch of different ways. 

2. Flow is the way to go 

You have a tiny human growing inside of you, and you deserve to be comfortable. Flowy tops, dresses, and bottoms are going to be the best way to accomplish that without going out in your pajamas. If you’re new to the flowy look, try a maxi skirt, harem pants, or even a cloth jumpsuit. 

3. Lash extensions 

Trust me, and these are going to be a lifesaver on those days when you just can’t even. There have been talks going around on whether or not lash extensions are safe during pregnancy, but many doctors have confirmed they are more than okay. These are going to keep you looking bright eyed and put together, even on the most tired of days. You won’t have to put in the energy of doing your eye makeup and will look like a million bucks, and it is a win-win. 

4. Slides are better than sandals

Slides are totally in this season and are the best options when it comes to footwear. Sandals can be hard to get on and off when trying to reach over the belly, and closed toe shoes can be constricting on the swollen feet. Slides are the easiest, the comfiest option without having to cash in on the $3 July special plastic flip-flops we all have stored in our closets. 

5. Make a necklace for your rings 

The swelling of the fingers might be one of the worst things about pregnancy. There is nothing more heartbreaking than watching your fingers swell around all the rings we love so much, but we can bring ourselves to take them off! Get a dainty chain with a matching metal to your ring, and turn those pretty things into a necklace. It’s a great simple accessory and a way for you to keep your rings with you.

6. Toner is everything 

The best way to keep your skin healthy is a good PH balance, which is best accomplished by using a toner on a clean face.  Between the tears and sweat that come with every hour, our faces can take some real hits. Toner will keep your skin balanced and even, which will keep the acne that comes with pregnancy at bay. Rosewater is a great option, natural, and baby approved! 

7. You can’t go wrong with stripes 

There is literally nothing cuter over a pregnant belly than some stripes, and it accentuates the belly in all the right places. Stripes are easy to match, can be dressed up or down, and give that cute, baby-belly all the attention it deserves! 

I may have given you a couple of tips on how to be stylish and pregnant at the same time, but the best advice I can give is to embrace your pregnancy and all that it comes with. Some days you will need to wear yoga pants and those $3 flip flops, and we support you. Dress that sweet belly up while you can, you’ll miss it when it is gone!

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