The Pocket Sous Chef "Da Vinci's Guide To Cooking For 1 + 1" is a cookbook about falling in love with cooking again. Many people with busy lifestyles or that are single don’t identify with a lot of cookbooks because they don’t fit in with their lifestyle.

Da Vinci wrote The Pocket Sous Chef with singles, couples, students and busy professionals in mind. No longer will you need to slave over a hot stove just to make one meal for yourself or two plates of food. Now there is an easy guide with over 60 recipes - breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts and drinks - to lead home cooks in the right direction and allow them to fall in love with making good food for themselves!


  • How Many Recipes Are There?

    60 core yummy recipes, and then I have bonus recipes, surprises and additions too!
  • What Kind Of Food Is It?

    ALL kinds of food, the everyday person likes variety! So I made sure to give a little bit of everything, that way meals can be exciting with each new day :)
  • What Will I Learn?

    My hope is you'll learn to find your passion for food and your own cooking style. This book provides easy to follow recipes as well as tips, and guides to help my fellow home cooks :)
  • Are They All Quick & Easy Recipes?

    This book was written with the young professional, bachelors, bachelorettes, students and couples in mind. The recipes are made to fit many lifestyles, most are quick and easy and then some are added to challenge or even impress yourself :)
  • How Can I Order My Copy?

    The book is available in Hardcover, Paperback, and ebook format. Click Here To Order!
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