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Worried About Getting a Job After Bankruptcy? Read This

If you’re facing a serious and unsustainable debt problem, and your creditors refuse to negotiate and instead are pushing you (or threatening to push you) to the brink or solvency, then filing for bankruptcy might be your best financial move — especially since, contrary to what...
Posted On 13 Sep 2017

Life after Bankruptcy: How to get Credit Approval after Bankruptcy in Atlanta

Contrary to common belief, life doesn’t end after filing for bankruptcy. A discharged bankruptcy case is an automatic financial reset button that you should take advantage of. You will still be able to buy a new car or get a credit card after bankruptcy. As you know, everyone...
Posted On 29 Nov 2016

How To Bounce Back From Bankruptcy

When you realise that you have to file for bankruptcy, a flood of emotions will no doubt be surging in your anxious mind, but chances are happiness is not one of them. But Will Thomas of Eccount Money thinks that bankruptcy can be the best thing that can happen to someone who...
Posted On 29 Nov 2013