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5 Smart Strategies for Smartphone Security

Though many of us have become accustomed to having our cell phones on us at all times, the security of that expensive piece of equipment may not be at the forefront of our minds. But it should be. More than 2 million Americans reported their mobile phones lost or stolen in 2015....
Posted On 01 Sep 2017

The Single Girl’s Guide to Living More Simply

We often make our lives more complicated than they need to be, and decluttering our lifestyle can provide room for opportunities you never imagined. If you’re a single woman, you have an especially bountiful garden of possibilities for your life and home. Instead of staying...
Posted On 26 Jun 2017

Responsible Adulting: Money Goals For The 30-Something’s

There are many different landmark moments that we reach at various stages in life and these imaginary but important life events like buying your first home, are the points where we tend to measure how far we have come and what the next target is. By the time you have reached your...
Posted On 13 Apr 2017

Financially Strapped? What to Do When There’s No Money But Bills to Pay

Having more “month” than money is never an enjoyable situation. It can actually be very stressful when you’re struggling to figure out how all the bills will get paid. The stress incurred will only lead to fatigue and eventual burnout. To keep this situation...

How To Turn Around Your Worst Morning Ever: Do Whatever Gets You Going!

This post brought to you RaceTrac. Content and opinions expressed below are that of Your Life After 25. Recently I shared my morning routine with you in “There’s No Wrong Way To Start Your Day or Year, Do Whatever Gets You Going!” And while having a clean cut routine...
Posted On 17 Jan 2017

Right Out of Rehab: Simple Steps for Starting Over and Loving Life Again

If you have taken the positive step of going to rehab, you will no doubt want to try and make the most of your opportunity to start over and fall back in love with life at the end of your program. A drug or alcohol problem may well have led you to need the services of a
Posted On 15 Nov 2016

Always Connected: Tips for Separating Your Work Life From Your Home Life

Many of us have a certain degree of flexibility regarding where and how we get our work done, but this can inevitably create some blurred lines when trying to separate your work life from your home life. Taking advantage of
Posted On 19 Sep 2016

How Your Money Can Work For You When You Have A Capital One 360 Money Market Account!

Thank you Capital One for sponsoring this post! This is a paid endorsement. All opinions are my own and were not directed by Capital One.  We all work hard for our money and definitely hate the idea of wasting money. With that said it’s time to put your money to work for...
Posted On 13 Sep 2016

The Art Of Self Care: 5 Ways to Reward Yourself on a Daily Basis

Enjoying is small things is actually a key to living a satisfying and fulfilling life. However, it seems that lifestyle became too hectic in the last few years, so it is practically impossible to stay motivated and focused on your goals. This is exactly why you have to find ways...
Posted On 24 Nov 2015

3 Great Party Ideas For Twenty-Somethings And Beyond!

Even in life in your twenties, the bar scene can get old pretty quickly, and you may still want to spend time with groups of friends, and maybe even still have a drink or two. However, you want to do this the adult way, not the drunk way that the bar tends to lead to. There are...
Posted On 04 Nov 2015

Lifestyle Tips To Becoming An Effective Leader

Leadership roles are appealing for a number of reasons. In the commercial arena, these positions pay better and they give people more control over the outcomes of their endeavors. Although you might have significant experience in a particular activity or industry, this does not...
Posted On 12 Sep 2014

It’s Never Too Late To Learn: Things Every Adult Should Know How to Do

Childhood is a time to learn as much as possible to prepare for adulthood. However, it is not possible to learn everything before we start raising children of our own. What are some things that you can learn as an adult that will help you for the rest of your life?   1)...

Miss Independent: Five Things Every Woman Should Learn to Do

Gone are the days when a woman had to wait for a man to do just about everything that didn’t involve cooking and cleaning. Such dependence has left a lot of women in the lurch when the man in question was no longer available, either because he left, died or even went on a...