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So last week I started “Da Vinci’s Face Place Skin Challenge” and I have to say after a week of using the Face Refinisher, Soothing Toner and Cell Regenerator from Face Place, I’m impressed. I’m not sure how well the dark spots and pimples register in my before pic but trust me they weren’t pretty, lol. After indulging in soda and also starting my cycle right before the challenge my face was a mess… what I can affirm is although it’s only been a week; I can definitely see my dark spots lightening up, there are less pimples AND probably one of my biggest surprises was the fact that last tuesday after I posted my picture I woke up with a HUGE unpleasant bug bite on my face. To my dismay I worried it may compromise the stability of the challenge but I continued to use the product as usual and Voila! if you look closely at my after pic it’s almost non existent. So if I wasn’t sold on it working before, trust me I am now.

As far as my use of the product I’ve been using exfoliating with the Face Refinisher every night before bed and I also use it to wash my face when I wake up. After the exfoliation process I pat my face dry and then use one cotton ball and soak it with the Soothing Toner and apply it to my face. The Cell Regenerator looks small in size but will last you a good amount of time, I only use it in the mornings after the exfoliation and toner, because it feels a tad too oily on my skin to use at night before bed. I just dab a bit in my palm rub it together and moisturize my face. I will also say that another change I noticed is that the dryness on my nose has lessened and I’m not flaking up as much. I think this is as a result of the toner and Cell Regenerator.

Overall I think we can all agree, week 1 has been quite the success. I’m excited to see more progress. I’ll be giving you more weekly updates to track my progress. So keep posted and be sure to follow @FacePlace on twitter after you follow us @YourLifeAfter25

icon wink Da Vincis Face Place Skin Challenge Week 1 (Before Pic)
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