Creating a Non-toxic Nursery For Your Baby

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by Stefanie R.

Newborns spend a large portion of their early life in their nursery, so keeping it as healthy as possible is an important task. Creating a non-toxic environment for your baby can help to reduce their exposure to chemicals.

  • Furniture: Over 90% of new bedroom furniture is made from MDF, which slowly releases toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde for years. Choose toxin free furniture that is unfinished or low and no VOC paints and stains. If you are not able to do this, allow the furniture to air outside or keep the nursery windows open for at least a month before bringing baby home. Used furniture at least 5 years old has likely released most of its harmful chemicals, but make sure these items meet safety standards.
  • Bedding: Mattresses with wool or latex can cause allergies. Try to purchase an organic mattress, or, if you cannot afford one, allow a conventional mattress to air out at least a month before use. Try to purchase sheets and blankets made of organic cotton, or wash non-organic bedding several times before use.
  • Toys: For stuffed toys, be sure that they are washable. Organic stuffed toys are a good idea, as they won’t expose your baby to chemicals or pesticides that may be in conventional toys. For painted toys, be sure the paint is lead-free, and avoid plastic.
  • Paint: Choose low VOC or no VOC paint for your child’s nursery, and remember not to paint if you are pregnant! Allow the nursery to air out for two months before your baby arrives.
  • Flooring: Try to avoid putting in new flooring, which can release chemicals in the air or irritate allergies. If necessary, use natural rugs to lessen allergies. Keep carpets clean using a HEPA filter vacuum. We have a Dyson, which is expensive, but works wonders.
  • Cleaning: When cleaning your non-toxic nursery, consider using non-toxic cleaning products, which most homes already have. If the nursery has carpets, vacuum frequently to avoid dust build up. Use unscented laundry detergent, and 1/4 cup of lemon juice or white vinegar in the wash can help bright up clothes.

Creating a non-toxic nursery is good way to start protecting your children from harmful substances. We can’t protect them from everything, but we can certainly try our best!

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