It’s week 3 of Da Vinci’s Face Place Skin Challenge, I’m happy to report I’m feeling much better AND because of Face Place’s wonderful products my skin is looking fantastic. As you all know I’ve been using the Face Refinisher, Soothing Toner and Cell Regenerator from Face Place and last week I also added the Face Place Oil Control Lotion to the list. It’s important to remember that we all have different skin so one combination of products make work for me and another combination will work for you. I’ve been fortunate to try all 4 of these products and have found that when I wash my face in the morning I can start my day with the Cell Regenerator moisturizer and then when I wash my face before bed I used the Oil Control Lotion. That particular combination seems to be suiting my face well. I love that my face is brighter because the dark spots from pimples are clearing up, the exfoliation is is helping renew the surface of my skin and keep new pimples under control. Over all I can say that working with these products has been a pleasure for me. They truly work and are worth every penny.

We live in a society that has become so fascinated with plastic surgery, well to me instead of chopping your body apart… just take care of what the good Lord has already given you. I’ll be following up for my last article of the challenge next week so keep posted.

Also don’t forget YOU can purchase your own Face Place products and start taking care of and repairing your skin today, with a fantastic 20% when you use the special discount code below.

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