Da Vinci Learns How To Be THE Ultimate Gift Giver With Mud Pie

There are so many occasions that require you to reach into your heart and get those creative juices flowing when choosing the perfect gift. I know I’ve had times when I wasn’t sure exactly how to convey my adoration with a gift or put together the right pieces for the right gift. Recently I had the opportunity to learn how to become the Ultimate gift giver at Georgia’s very own Mud Pie.

Known mostly for it’s baby line, Mud Pie is a leader in the gifting industry that also features sectors in women’s fashion and accessories, table top items and overall gifts. This gem based in Stone Mountain Georgia was founded and is still led by CEO Marcia Miller, a truly inspirational woman who has inspired me with her story and epitomizes what living “Your Life After 25” is about. Another key player in the Mud Pie fashion sector is Paige Henkle, the senior designer of bag lady and product development executive. We also get to hear from her directly about the products and some advice about her life after 25.

I was able to take a tour of a Mud Pie show room which displayed a variety of items for babies, women, college students, men and more. If you can name the occasion, Mud Pie’s extensive inventory of over 5000 products has got you covered. Their products are fun, unique, made with quality and priced well for any budget. We played a game during the presentation where I had a $50 budget to put together a creative gift for a wine lover and I was able to put together 2 specialized wine glasses, a decorative platter/dip tray and uniquely embellished corkscrew spreader, and I still came in under budget!

Mud Pie truly allows you to express your “Indigiftuality, a term coined by the company, and is the perfect haven for any gift giver whether you’re buying something for a bride to be, new mom, your own mom, daughter, friend, co-worker; for any and EVERY occasion Mud Pie is sure to have that special something for you to gift.

Below you can listen to gift giving tips from CEO Marcia Miller and get a sneak peek of Mud Pie’s upcoming line!

some fun footage of me competing in the “Ultimate Gift Giver Challenge, it was a Blast!

Be sure to check out Mud Pie’s site www.mud-pie.com

As An Added Treat Check Out These Words Of Inspiration From Mud Pie CEO Marcia Miller about business and living “Your Life After 25”

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