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Wow, how time flies… It’s the 4th and final week of Da Vinci’s Face Place Challenge and I just wanted to make sure I give you a look at how my face is doing now. It’s always rough seeing how your face may hold up during your cycle, but even when Aunt Flo came to town, my face did well with the Face Place products 🙂

For the last 4 weeks I’ve been using the Face Refinisher, Soothing Toner and Cell Regenerator from Face Place and for the last 2 weeks I also added the Face Place Oil Control Lotion to the list. All I can say is I’m EXTREMELY pleased with Face Place’s products and they’ve definitely stood the test of time and have been worthy of this challenge.


Face Place has earned Da Vinci’s stamp of approval

and has earned 10 Butterflies

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I look forward to trying more of their products in the future,

AND at some point I MUST to fly to L.A. to try out their spa services 😀


Also don’t forget YOU can purchase your own Face Place products and start taking care of and repairing your skin today, with a fantastic 20% when you use the special discount code below.


“Like” Them on Facebook www.facebook.com/faceplace

& Follow Them On Twitter @FacePlace

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