Generation Earn- Book Review By Da Vinci

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In a time where not only the national economy is suffering but even the global economy has taken a bit of a shaky turn, we the people are left asking ourselves “What Now?” As a woman 25+ I’ve been wanting to take that next step in my life, whether it be marriage, home ownership, or even starting a new business. I keep wondering just how to go about that financially smart way. Call it kismet, destiny or God’s grace, on my journey of research I came across Kimberly Palmer’s Generation Earn and immediately got excited. Kimberly Palmer is a personal finance columnist who has written for the Wall Street Journal, Washington Port and even been featured on CNN so of course the woman has to know what she’s talking about.

At this point in my life I feel like I’m ready to take that next leap into home ownership so I was looking for a great way to lead me in the right direction. Generation Earn breaks down into 3 parts; Building Your Life, Creating A Home, & Changing The World. I felt like this book was written with me in mind. Generation Earn covers the highs, lows and balance of enjoying your money, saving for the future, investing for a better future and being able to give back to your favorite causes.

Kimberly Palmer is sure to let you know about the best ways to budget your money with a practical sense that still incorporates room for enjoyment. Whether you’re a single young professional, newly weds or fully established family man or woman Generation Earn is sure to offer you tips that will lead you to financial prosperity.

At the end of the day we’re not put here to be slaves to our jobs or businesses, it’s time to plan for an effective future and make your money start working for you. This way we can all be better versions of ourselves and help give back to the world and each other.


Da Vinci gives Generation Earn

10/10 Butterflies

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