AQUIESSE Aesthetic Scentsâ„¢ Candles- Review By Da Vinci

aquiesse scented candles
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The holidays are coming and I stumbled upon this really cool scented candles brand called AQUIESSE. The packaging and look of it was very attractive and appealing to me so I decided I wanted to know a little more about it. Upon doing a little research I found several people had great things to say about the candles and even some celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Prince and more are fans of the brand.

So I decided to try the Shoreline scent from AQUIESSE. I lit the candle in the living room down stairs and was pleased to say the scent filled the air throughout the house in a light, airy and sweet way. The scent wasn’t overpowering and the candle definitely burned for about 45hrs. I loved the fact that I was able to burn it almost all the way through, because other times you find that 1/4 of the candle is left with no more wick. Aquiesse uses a proprietary soy wax blend and is made with organic soy bean oil and carefully selected lead-free wicks. The soy candle is stylishly encased in smoke-brown glass.

The AQUIESSE candles would make a great gift for the holidays, party gifts, birthdays and more…. it also make for a great candle burning while you take a bubble bath. I’m looking forward to trying out more scents so I can share that with you all.

Da Vinci gives AQUIESSE Aesthetic Scentsâ„¢ Candles 10/10 butterflies

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You can find AQUIESSE candles at


Candle Luxury

the AQUIESSE Facebook page


Follow AQUIESSE on Twitter @AQUIESSE

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