Signs that you are unhappy in a relationship – the top 5

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Author: Richard pawl

A relationship binds two individuals together and they remain together till they die. It is a phase where two people are not together because of any blood relation or any legal bond, but only because of love. They love each other to an extent that they start feeling that they cannot live without each other. When this love and bonding starts disappearing from a relationship, it is time to move on. If you are in such a relationship and confused whether you are doing the right thing by moving on, here are few things that will tell you whether you are unhappy in a relationship.

  • Living in past memories more than the present:

If you always tend to cherish the good moments of your past, and think that those were beautiful days, your relationship is in a bad phase. You are unhappy. You were happy at once but now that magic has gone. You have to remember your relationship with the person exists in the current moment. Past memories should remain as memories and not as a reason to stay together.

  • When you get more pain than joy from a relation:

If you get frustrated, upset, and tense with the person you are with, it is time to move on. The relationship should bring in happiness sand joy on your face rather than any tensions or sorrows.

  • When you have to change for him/her:

He/she loved you for the person you are. If now your partner wants you to change than there s something wrong. You both should love each other for what you are like the way you did when you fell in love. So when you need to change you better move on.

· When you stay on, expecting he/she will change

When you hang on because you believe that the other person will change. If you hang on and tolerate the non-sense, it will never stop. Do not tolerate it. Take a decision. Do not make yourself trapped and unhappy.

· When you keep justifying your or your partner’s actions

You need to understand each other. Neither you nor your partner needs to justify the actions. When you do so you are trying to hid something or get over some thoughts that come to your mind. It’s high time that you move on.

These are top 5 signs of being in an unhappy relationship. There is no point in struggling in an unhappy relation and waiting for it to get better. Give it some time but decide how much time is sufficient and when would it be right to move on.


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