What To Do If You’re Single For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day on a single person can be a rough time, not only is it a reminder if you’re lonely, but with all the commercialization around you it’s hard to just ignore the day. Although you’re single, Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be “S.A.D” (Singles Awareness Day).

Always remember to start your day positive, don’t expect it to be the worst, and enjoy the loved ones you do have. I’ve compiled a list of ideas that you could do to help get you through that love filled day.

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1. Have a Singles Gathering

Although it may feel like it, you’re NOT the only single person left. Why not put a quick shindig together for you and some single friends. Word of mouth will spread quickly and who knows if love can be found by the end of the night. Whether it’s a full on party or just a dinner with friends, you’ll be able to enjoy other peoples company, have good conversation and have fun.

2. Check your local listings for Singles Events.

There are plenty of singles events that take place constantly in your city that you may have not known about. Valentine’s day seems like as good a day as any to step out of your comfort zone to try something new and meet someone new. Some cities have comedy shows, speed dating events, wine tastings and much more. Once again if you have any other single friends, why not make it a night out together.

3. Pamper Yourself In Solitude.

A spa day will melt your stress away. There’s nothing wrong with a day of pampering and self appreciation. Being single doesn’t have to be a let down, it’s better than settling, so why not take time to be good to yourself. Get a massage, mani/pedi, grab some dinner and watch some movies. If you can’t handle any sappy flicks that night, rent something else.

All in all there are many options to having a good Valentine’s day even if you’re not yet with that special someone, don’t be with someone just to be with someone though. At the end of the day Valentine’s day comes once a year so if you don’t have someone now, there is always next year!

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