Good Deeds: Movie Review By Da Vinci

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First I have to say that I for one was getting a little jaded by Tyler Perry’s Madea franchise so it’s refreshing to see him getting back to other kinds of movies we know that he can make. I went into Good Deeds with a fresh outlook, from the trailers you think you have a good idea of what the movie will be about; Rich Man meets Poor woman and helps her out… rags to riches, etc… however, although the story stems from that Good Deeds is so much more than your average clichè.

I love that Tyler Perry selected a well rounded cast which included Gabrielle Union, Phylicia Rashad, Rebecca Romijn, Thandie Newton and more. This movie takes you on a journey with Wesley Deeds, who is a wealthy man that finds himself not living life FOR himself… he has a life that many people would dream about but discovers it’s missing a major ingredient “Happiness”. One day Wesley Deeds meets a down on her luck mother Lindsey Wakefield, played by Thandie Newton, who seems to only be getting thrown curve balls. We get to watch each of them learn from one another as their worlds collide. I don’t want to giveaway too much, because I definitely hope you will all take the time out to watch this movie.

Good Deeds, for me, was a wonderful reminder of not taking life for granted and also remember that you NEVER truly know people that you meet’s circumstances. Upon watching Lindsey go through her struggles as a homeless mother, I was even more inspired and encouraged knowing that Your Life After 25 has helping women and homeless mother’s as one of our philanthropic platforms, there is so much more that we would like to accomplish and over time we hope to be as helpful to many women as Wesley Deeds was for Lindsey.

Overall this was an excellent movie, I hope Tyler Perry will continue to display his talents in this manner and go on to make more enriching movies such as this, I know another favorite for me was “The Family That Preys”.

Da Vinci gives Good Deeds 10/10 Butterflies

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